How I Became a Full Time Writer in ONE YEAR!

Hi Guys, today is about how I became a full-time author from a book without an authoring platform and friends, by completing a draft for one and a half minutes of my debut novel and building a platform with more than 2,000 authors friends.

In a year, if you're new here, My name is Brittany Wang.

I am the author of a series, why a fairy fantasy arises.

In this channel, I make videos about authoring platforms, writing tips, the community, and my travel as an author.

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Officially, you're 2019, and like many other tuber authors, I've started to tell you the year I'm writing for my 2019 goals, but I've recently passed my one-year online authoring community membership.

I've asked many of you on Instagram if you'd like to see how I review the highlights of the past year to show you exactly how I'm where I am.

Today and a little bit of you we are very excited about it.

That's why I decided not to share my writing goals for 2019 with you, probably until next week, and write and build my first book for a year, my authoring platform.

I also wanted to do this because I know for myself that I can focus so much on the future and move on quickly to the next, without really appreciating where I was, so I'm very excited to see some highlights in mine Bullet Diary and also to work through in my The Instagram account not only meditates for myself and all the things that I can be thankful for, but I also share my story and hope to inspire some of you at the same time.

Let's just start by showing my two different diaries of the vignettes this is from last year and this will be in 2019 and I'll show you everything that's been in this Bullet Journal so far next week when I talk about my goals for 2019 speak, but in this very much used one will go be my story this year, so let's get started.

Let's start at the beginning if you did not know that I had a part-time job last year, but I was also very excited to dive into the world of fiction and write my first book in December.

I decided to start on Instagram and connect with other writers, especially my friend Bethany Atazadeh, whom I met there and whom we met while we were both doing music at the university and that was like many years ago.

Right now and now to meet us online again, we both started writing careers, it was so weird and great, and she started to challenge herself on Instagram in late December, early January, and I thought, do you know what I think? I need some friends, I think I just need some support when I start this journey, so let's do this and that.

This was my first Instagram post and then I was inspired by Bethany and I thought you know what a great community made of a challenge of Instagram and it seems there are many writers on Instagram so I will create my challenge.

I created a one-month challenge called "Hashtag Mess Life Challenge".
It was about planning your novel in a month.

This has upset many people, has really tried to just send messages to DM people and get to know them a bit and invite them to take the challenge with me starting in January, but I started announcing them and talking about them on the 29th It was a moment, then on the 31st I decided that my word of the year would be brave and that the brave word would really catapult me ​​to finish this work - in progress, with which I just I've won for years, but I've started to take myself seriously, and it's a fairy tale fantasy for young adults and you.

I'll go into more than I've ever heard, but at this point I may literally have a chapter and this chapter It's not even in the book anymore, so I've come a long way and I'm looking forward to showing you How this brave word was received and really affected throughout the year.

Then I met in January and officially started the challenge of Tracer's life, and that's how I started meeting so many writers I'm still revered with today, including Bruna, who is the writer's journey on Instagram, is one of my CD's It's also great to see how these friendships grew at the beginning of last year and how important they are to my progress as a writer, which we will start on May 6th.

I made my first live broadcast on Instagram and myself.

I was really inspired to see other people making live broadcasts and chatting to a group of people, not just commenting on the posts, but having fun in real time as well Make a lot of live broadcasts in this area Because live streams from the end of November to December of last year provided ink all the way and it was super fun, meeting people and building a community was a really amazing way to do it started making live broadcasts for the action or the challenge of life every week and we really talked about all the different daily challenges and how we dealt with our conspiracy and it was just the best and again I have so many friends until today are with me, because of the host of this challenge, the day 18 I had my first n Post, which had more than a hundred likes, so I'll tell you a bit about my writing trip, but also about my trip on the authoring platform, and here I really started to have a good traction right from the start, especially at the Organizing a challenge and really joined the community of writers so it was super encouraging and then, on the 27th, I just want to emphasize that I have shared the first lines that I have written for my ongoing work, and I have just I realized that they are completely different now, but it was a big step for me to take those first few lines that I worked with and share them and get some comments and it was really great, so on the 29th We founded the Facebook group of plotter life writers because our plotter The Challenge of Life ended and I did not want to say goodbye to all these people or lose contact Well, I've actually started a Facebook group that is taking place today, and I'll tell you how it works and what interesting things happen.

As we move forward, the Plotter Life Writers Facebook group was fantastic this year and I am very happy to have started this as a sequel after January.

I just want to add here that this is something I'll probably end up saying and I really stress, but you, one thing I learned on this trip, is that you need a city to book and you really need a city to become a writer, because it can be so isolated from my grand conclusions that you definitely need a community of writers who really want to enjoy and take advantage of this journey to write, and there's a lot more the more I will show you, so we move on, then came February and on the 4th I did the Sprint Challenge with Bethany, which I attended so often when I organized a challenge or when I challenged another person once again, the community on the 26th was so important and encouraging that I really started to get involved.

The course was influenced by the author.

This is a course for those who are also on YouTube, but also on Instagram.

It's a great course for writers who want to extend their influence, especially on Instagram.

So I've taken lots of tips from them and I started to make more plans on my Instagram and create them as a theme and consequence, and I began to overcome more than a hundred likes and dedication in every contribution I made What's crazy, so if you're looking for help your Instagram-specific platforms would definitely verify this course and I'll link it below so you can see it the next day 28.

I decided to attend the Nano Camp for the first time and decided to create another challenge with it.

And I started the Camp Nano Boot Camp hashtag, and it was really fun, so we started the Nano Boot Camp in March and finally organized a booth in the Reuters Facebook group because I did not really care about the format With the cabins on the official website, I really wanted to have as many people as possible in this cabin and no limit, so we did it and it was a lot of fun.

I also have some fun things here, like the 14 I first started reading the Harry Potter series, and many of you are probably going to be like crazy people who have never read but I have seen all the movies and loved the movies but never I had read through the whole series of books so I started to do that day and then I started looking for more in the action and for different things So I've come back here and really made a good part of my story line For my work in progress, but I still worked hard because my book is going to become at least a duology and have many main characters, so a great cast and great complexity So it took awhile to really get it, so I started to learn something about the rhythm sheet, keep the cat here and talk about it and myself in my camp, Nanna Camp and I started networking with people on Instagram like RGD and Carlie Buck Cook, and against these ladies they are now some of my closest friends, so they're just such important communities again.

26 I started reading six crows, one of my favorite books that I read this year, and at the same time I went to New York to attend the Young Writers' Festival, where I meet Kim Chance who is there, as well as met Megan Lacroix and the author of Ameri, who is on Instagram with my friend Micah.

It was great to visit these women and take part in a person.
So, if you think the online community is great, I suggest you invest in some of these live events because literally, the connections I've made in these things have changed the lives of these women.

I'm very glad to have met her in person, and then, at the end of the month, I decided that I would become a beta reader for the first time and I started to become Bethany's beta reader because there were so many Continuing beads gave and it was fun and it was a bit different.

Just because I was fine, I should focus on my book, but I felt that as a beta reader, I learned a lot, and it also helped me to prepare for the fact that when I was in beta.

Readers hope I have a few months of experience with it.

Since I was one, I knew what I should explain to my beta readers, or how I could guide them through this process, it was super valuable and a lot of fun.

In April, I launched my first Nano-Camp Twitter account, spent a few months on Instagram and knew that there were also many writers and literary agents on Twitter.

So I felt that I had really built up a lot of friendships and communities here, and I wanted to start branching out, and I would really recommend this to anyone of you who are also starting to really serve as a platform and really join this community Others also in April, there was a micro-story competition on Instagram and this is another great thing that happens on Instagram from time to time and is written in that Laura Ferrari and Ricci are the hosts and I did the Nano Camp, but I was an I was a bit frustrated and just needed a break, so I decided to participate in this micro-story contest.

I think it was a hundred words or something that you can find on the page of my book on my website because I won this contest for micro-stories.

It was crazy and as a suggestion and even if I had not had one I enjoy writing this micro-story.

So, if you ever need a break from what you are doing to give your life a new lease on life, the writing process takes only a hundred or 200 words and he says that I'm going to write a short story and I swear it's my creative Process this month gives a lot of life and then I noticed it A few other things, such as the first shot in the head of the official author, which is being made by my brother, and kinky photos that are amazing things at the time.

Then I also wanted to point out that I started reading Blood and Bone children, which were also a better reading this year and really in addition to six of the crows, I also wanted to point out and then I also read To Kill a kingdom, that I loved too, these are three highlights of this year for me and then, when I read that I'm vacationing in Florida, I wanted to point out, because I went into a world of Harry Potter and it was amazing, guys, I have all the highlights on my Instagram for my trip, if you want to do one, but it was a lot of fun and I was so excited to finish my book now.

Let's look at this second page in May and the first thing we have here is that while reading blood and bone children, I invited the rest of the Facebook group of writers or writers of life to join them read and we founded a club reading and it was a lot of fun because we did not just explain what we liked, but what we thought as a writer and as a writer.

Actually, I have a serial com.

I'm talking about the structure of the story and it's going to work with one of my dear friends, so I'm very happy about it guys, but this reading club was a lot of fun and I felt like I had learned a lot as a writer , Just wanted to know that I was celebrating on my Instagram, that it was my third anniversary with my husband and if you have not seen all of my videos or my publications, Ben is so important and has not reached this place yet i had become a writer over the years because I was still in this place where I worked part-time, but it has always been a great support, and it's the main reason why I was able to write full-time and with your support And that's something I've done many times on Instagram, and people have asked me, hey, do you have an author?

Tube or you should start one and I had thought about it for a while and knew it would be a big commitment but then I said yes I will and it was a lot of fun, obviously I'm still here and at this point I grew to more than 800 subscribers, that was crazy and I'm amazed.

Thank you for supporting my channel and being part of this journey with me.

Then I filed my other two trailers.

That's how I started my author's tube and then I noticed that for the first time, except for the cat, I officially started reading.

That's why I only searched the rhythms online here, but you, the book had a lot more of it and there's another book that I think I know in some.

One moment later I started to read, except that the cat writes a novel that was like the next level, so focused on writing novels and so revolutionary that they should definitely do it if they have not learned it, but I started reading it as a book of Manual From the 24th of November I have published my first video for writing help, which deals with the write lock.

So if you're having trouble breaking the write barrier, my first two videos on that channel will be treated in addition to my advances.

All my advice, so it's a funny thing, they'll come back a year later to see it and to say my God, so on the 26th I took part in my first writing retreat, started by a large group of writers, but especially by Bruna, of whom I am here the authors' journey on Instagram and mentioned by you a free retreat that takes place over the course of a day or a few days during the weekend at regular intervals throughout the year, and this was the first you had and I felt very honored because they invited me to do a live broadcast there do.

So it's a series of live broadcasts where the different authors explain that some of them are Spri Many words and many of them are like writing help topics, so it was a lot of fun, so I had to be one with Bruna and we've made our first plotting brain, and the brain is basically a time when we invite people who join us to live to talk about the plot and address our action issues.

We have history issues and can help each other and brainstorm to overcome our stuck places It was really fun, we also have June and in June I went to my second live event of early reading, early writing Book within New York and it was epic as I wrote.

I also met Mandy Lin in person for the first time.

Like Jo Willow and Kristen Martin, but most of all, I came very close to Mandy after that, and we found that we were an hour apart.

So it was great to make friends with her and write a book.

Keeping up with her was a pleasure, it was a lot of fun, this is an event I want to do again this year.

So if you definitely want to book, please let me know, because I think I will try to arrange a kind of meeting, especially for The Writers of the Tracer Facebook Life Guide people to a specific location and just choose sometime this weekend a moment and a place and tell everyone as if you were present at that time.

Let's meet and talk for a while So let me know during the book if you decide to, and then I'll have to announce my second nano-booth in the camp because the Nanna camp should start over.

That's why we organized it again in the Flower Life Writers group of authors, It was great, and then I started reporting on my bible series.

I have a video that does not just have a video telling me how I made my series Bible physically as a folder, and then I have a second video showing you how to make a digital bible series that you can take anywhere, as long as I have a phone or a computer or something else, but the bible series was so crucial in My story line for my story, and again I'm in a story line where I spend some time in the nano-camp have written.

I can not

I did not win the camp during this art, but I wrote a lot, but then I got praise for the remodeling and the series Bibles helped a lot, so I'll link these videos below if you want to see them.

Then I set little bookmarks here, as I got more than 200 likes on Instagram for the first time.

So it was a lot of fun and then came the month of July and in July, the second camp started, Nano, here it was as if you knew what I was going to say.

Just quote and make my goal 20,000 words and in fact, I won the Nano Camp for the first time and it was you because I had a lot of support from the authors' community at the booth in the plot of the first authors and just kept going.

I was motivated to see all the releases that took place and it was a lot of fun.

This year, I've written more than in my entire life, and that's literally because I had a lot of support and also searched the writers' community.

That was amazing when I said it in my biblical video of the series and got this video now more than two thousand calls, which is crazy, so I'm very excited, so of course that's really useful, if you have to see that and then I started thinking about the point, and that was late August, guys.

I do not know what I thought, but I have just achieved this goal extravagantly that would enter the field

Although I didn't even have my first draft, it was crazy, but what they did is that I got further in my project than I would if I did not have a specific goal like this I threw wars last year, but I made a lot of progress on the 26th.

I started a new Instagram theme that I just noticed, and the power of the songs, folks, I've received more than 200 likes or more in all of my posts since I started the influential authoring course again, and I really did busy developing a theme for my Instagram and still making the descriptions attractive.

I could talk a lot about Instagram.

I did a joint video with which I wrote early on Instagram and Twitter.
So I'll link that down as well, but yes, so I just noticed little mile markers on my platform and then announced at that point that I had reached and surpassed my nano target from the camp and I also have a 50-page won a review and a call with a Melissa agent is waiting for the contest, who here on YouTube, but also Instagram and yes, it was very exciting.

I have to send Melissa my 50 pages to criticize because I want to get him to a better location, but that's all.

I also received this agent call and would like to eventually make a video to share with you what I learned by calling this agent because I just had to ask all the questions I wanted, which was great.

I also announced that I soon came to another website, and at this point, we are here.

I decided to talk to Ben and learn all the details I would use as a full-time author.

I felt that I had made great progress with my platform and writing, and I was so motivated that I thought that was what I wanted to do.

My creativity was more and more music and writing texts.

He had also written a lot of fiction.

When I was younger, but I had just directed more and at this point I was like that, I have so much fun and so much fun in what I do, that's what I'm going to pursue and I'm super excited and me was like the next step is that I need to become more established and create an author website, so I announced there and then announced that I would leave my daily work at the end of August and become an author.

Full time, so from December I never thought it would have been there in July, but for the community of writers and the church, I mean, and because I talked to my wonderful husband, who said yes, we basically I agreed we could budget if I could find a way to work from home and earn a certain amount each month.

Then I could go on writing and do other parallel projects, and yes, that was crazy, because I got my website in August.

The author's website and I started my newsletter.

So if the guys are interested, I always share a lot of really great things in my newsletter and they're linked below, but my author's website was activated and I shared them with them because I wanted an Instagram writing coach because I had so many things in it At the time, Jade Yung on Instagram contacted me at that time and she said: Um, I'm a writing coach if you want to work with me.

So it was alright

Ashley has a full video about my experiences with her and was amazing and super helpful and motivated all the advice I received from her to keep improving myself.

So, thank you, Jade, then I realized that at this time I had another planner of the plotter.

Bruna and I started, Carly Book Cook and Sci-Fi, oh, who is Jamie on Instagram? I'll show you later how many people worked together this year, it was not like that.

Being not just in the community, but really working with people and learning together and sharing things was crucial.

I also worked with Bruna to host this design on Instagram.

It was a challenge that we were friends, we will end our designs if it kills us.

We wanted to finish this design by the end of August and we both did it and many others did it with us, which was great.

This is the only downside I just wanted to point out, but I did not do Pitch Wars, but I've made so much progress that it was invaluable.

The next page and I swear there is only this page and some of the Highlights that I will share in the end, but in September I announced that I had finished my first draft and it was such a milestone, people, I could not believe it, I had reached it from the beginning I had holes and it was not perfect, but I did it and said that I did it, because many people go with this goal and never come there, so I was really excited and I am all my friends and the support I had from, very grateful With all my platforms and you on YouTube, it was great to announce that in one of my videos and get you all excited.

That's why I also organized the issue of this design with Bruna, which was very exciting.

I wanted to go ahead, finish this design and edit that design, and we're still working on it, but that's fine, we're making progress, and that's what I started organizing my micro-story contest with Reed on the 7th, look, oh my god, he forgot that, yes, so Reed Z organized the contest I won, and then they got me later contacted and said:

Do you want it? I organized a contest on their platform so it was great and fun to be able to return in a way that had blessed me earlier this year.

So it was amazing, and then we started organizing some events in the life of the tracer writing community on Facebook.

You are a Fin CP the event, so many people talked about how they should find critical partners, Me and my team, who had come together for the plot of our group of life writers because they had grown so big and tall.
A bit overwhelming for me.

I went alone, Natalie Cam Maverick and Alex joined me and helped me create this great CP search event where a group of people found their critical partners and we're likely to have another host if you have a critical partner At some point this year, we're likely to reorganize this event and help you find your perfect critical partner.

In any case, consider whether you want to join the Facebook group.
In October, you started with the Tober preparation and the Plotters' Facebook group.

Throughout our lives, we've organized a few tober preparation events to help prepare people, and I've also found one of my Instagram posts has reached five hundred and twenty likes.

So again I marked these different milestones and then, on the eighth day, announced that we would not just go out to accommodate a booth for NaNoWriMo in the Plotter Life Group, we will house a Nano-house cabin with a theme Harry Potter It was great fun, I have a video about it, which I'll refer to below, but it was just great, because we split up in different houses of Hogwarts and competed which house would write the most words a month.

That was very motivating and I will come in November, but also in October I did an author trainer.

"Painting with Jade Young, so it was great again that Jade helped me so much, but also that I painted with her to bless somebody else with his incredible help, so it was a lot of fun and I wanted to notice that I started reading here except that the cat is writing a novel because he came out in October and you, only Game Changer, have to read it, then we come to November and I swear we're almost done, thanks for that You stayed with me if you continue to enjoy this video or are still with me.

I like this video if you enjoy it and you still do not remember to subscribe to it because I have many other advantages in 2019.

But let's move on here in November, the first NaNoWriMo has started and you have never won NaNoWriMo.

I tried again in the past to write without friends, without much support, and I never could, but this year was the spoiler alert that I made, and we also had our nano-glass in the applauding group of Life writer, and that was super motivating, but NaNoWriMo started and I do not know why I did it at the same time, but I had thought about how I could start supporting the community before a book came out, unique to me was, and I realized that I had been very successful with my author website, many writers had big problems with their websites and at the same time I really had to earn some more money to get our home, even though I had no books and no books I could Earn money with them when I realized that I could help others with their author's website, so I started my services and if they were If you need help to improve your website, or if you want to create it for you, I have a set of services that I will link below, and that was really fun and incredible.

Work with Melissa Hope and EC Woodham on Instagram and create their websites and start them with their already created websites.

So it was amazing, and on the 29th, I announced that I won Nano for the first time, and that was during a sprinting concert I did with Bethany here on the canal, so it was a lot of fun.

So if you want to see me the moment I win NaNoWriMo, and I celebrate it's the end of this video, it was really cool and at that point I already had the first one when I finished my work I already wrote 50,000 words from my second draft at this time, but it was half in the book, so my second draft is halfway through late November, so we're stuck in almost December.

Last month and the first thing I did was to organize an author website boot camp for about 19 authors who wanted to learn how to build their websites for themselves and it ends this week.

I'm really excited to be making a video and showing a lot of you, some of the websites that created these incredible writers, and the books they work on, but that was a complete project in itself and at the same time I started to Sharing my chapters of the first half of my second draft with my brunette cps and Bethany, I have also criticized those since they fed mine, and I'm doing some editions so you can tell them that I'm very busy, but everything is there It's a lot of fun, but there's going to be a level of me and editing wherein 2019 I'm going to focus a little bit more on certain things that I'm going to talk about in the video next week.

So that's the whole year, and then I wrote many highlights.

I wanted to remember myself without having to see all that, but those are the things I've achieved this year, guys: I have my first Draft written and done it for my goals.

And writing I got the first half of my second draft and won the NaNoWriMo camp for the first time.

That's why I was so excited because I sent chapters to my critique partners for the first time.

It was a great experience for me and I was able to make a video about it later.

I started collecting beta readers, and I have more than thirty interested people.

That's because I've rebuilt my platform and gained friends to write and collect my newsletter subscribers, as many of them came out of my newsletter recently.

I've won a micro-story contest, which is booming again in the middle of the year has brought.

For social networking and a kind of authoring platform in general, I've moved from zero to fifteen hundred and ninety-five followers, and that's all like Dec. 21, so they have a bit more than that, but it took me about twelve months to get to that point on YouTube to get.

I switched from zero to 805 subscribers in seven months, so it was amazing, thanks to everyone and there are more of you.

I think today I'm in 827 or so, thanks to everyone who subscribed.

That really means a lot to me, so for my group of Facebook writers we are in about five hundred and sixty-four members in about ten months and that group was amazing again, love for all, thanks to everyone here and there are more things we do So be curious about Twitter and its 475 followers in eight months.

And then in the past 12 months, I have done a lot of collaborations with many great authors and some of them was Melissa Hope for the hopeful events Peggy Spencer likes Latour from I write our duties early Mandy Lin Jade young Bethany fried Bruna Del Instagram authors travel to the thoughtful writing retreat Karlie Book Cook Sci-Fi.

Oh, my writing, Laura Ferrari and reading, seeing and more, this was a big part of meeting with other authors in the author community to help The Community of Writers.

And those connections and friendships were incredible, so I would like to thank everyone who contacted me to work together this year, or agreed to work with me, and it was a lot of fun.

I love you Everything and last but not least I have my author website and newsletter and I have about 537 subscribers in about five months and then I have the services of my author website and only if anyone wants to start.

Yes, besides writing books I could be in only two months to earn more than two thousand dollars.

I had created and launched three websites by the end of the year, two are in progress, three are planned for next year, and in fact, I have a few more from time to time as I have not organized my training camp.

So I had about 19 participants that will be released very soon and then I had a lot of counseling that lasted about an hour so that I could only help others who wanted to improve their website, and I had about six calls for it, so I'm really excited that I wanted to have some kind of record and just mark this amazing year, you and I had a few things that just wanted to say that we are like my biggest conclusions, and for you I really want to say first, like me said before I started slowly when I started on Instagram with just a few months and really engrossed in building relationships and helping people and being interested in what they were doing and starting some of my things, so get started Bit by bit and really being part of a community and going on from there and then at the beginning I said yes, I really had to experience to think about my platform and my writing and the writing process.

I have made a video about my writing process so far and the things I have learned that I want to go ahead and not continue, I have answered yes to many different projects and it is very different.

I was just struggling, so I had to experiment, I had a lot of fun with it, but it was a lot, so I really need to learn a little bit this year, actually I think you just saw that Kim Kim happens to have one Video made in which to say no, so I will not say no to everything, but I know, I have to limit myself, but in the beginning, when If you start with your platform and meet other authors, you may like say that you do not know exactly where he is or what you want to focus on until you have experience, but once you have found your rhythm, you must learn to reduce and say no because you really need to keep writing first, I probably could have continued writing and writing in my book if I had not done some of these things, but at the same time I needed that fellowship and I still need to develop those relationships, but now I think I have to, yes, make writing even more important and do not forget to continue writing first, because after all, the ultimate goal is to write the book and publish it.

But socializing and making friends is invaluable, folks, they have not taken anything else from this video.

I hope you take that and always learn to be able to learn.

The reason I think that I just did so much and that I made progress I knew I could not do it alone, I knew that I did not know everything and I needed help.

I was not afraid to ask for help when it came to writing and getting criticized, and I got some feedback or to find out my other platform and what the hell I did with it, those are my biggest conclusions Summing up a year, a year in life for me, without a book, without writing friends, without a platform I'm very curious to see what happens next year.

I hope you enjoyed your trip.

Next, I know when we'll connect, if we're meeting at this point, or if you've contacted me about one of the challenges or groups, or how we're connecting.

I would appreciate it if I included this in the comments as well.

From this video, they would be very funny, but I hope that if nothing else inspires you, you can make a lot of progress writing on your platform in one year and I hope that this is so useful I am very much looking forward to sharing my goals next week and I have a lot of other great videos for you in the coming weeks, including some magazine releases.

Videos and story structure videos

Let me know in the comments that there is something else I really want us to talk about this year or that I am concentrating and, if you want to link more obvious, I have found that all my social networks below, as well as my web page and my newsletter, thank you again for watching and supporting my channel and until next week have fun writing.

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