Mind Boost Day and Night Formula for Better Mental Health

Simple Smart Science is an industry leader in brain enhancement products and supplements. These all-natural and safe formulas are designed to boost memory levels and improve better mental clarity. With new scientific breakthroughs in brain health and nutrition – Simple Smart Science is on the pulse of the industry with products that have been proven to improve sleep and mental focus. From Mind Boost Nootropic to Day and Night Formulas, their products continue to receive stellar reviews from customers and critics alike. If you are tired of feeling sluggish and mentally drained, these products will truly achieve your desired results.

Mind Boost Nootropic Review

The Mind Boost Nootropic review showcases the benefits of these revolutionary formulas. According to customers and industry experts, Mind Boost has been clinically proven to improve short and long-term memory loss. With critical nootropics known as Ginko Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri, these supplements activate choline and increase cerebral blood flow. This affects the dopamine receptors in the brain, which results in better focus and attention. Ginkgo also acts as an essential antioxidant, and helps improve memory function.

Sharpen Mental Focus and Attention

Mind Boost is designed to improve mental clarity, focus, and attention. In fact, recent studies showed that cognitive skills, along with learning and memory capacities increased over a 5 to 12 week period. Energy levels also increased, along with a dramatic decrease in anxiety and depression. With Mind Boost products, studies reported significant improvements in attention spans and users concentrated less on irrelevant and unimportant information. With a healthy functioning brain, you simply will feel happier and more creative in all daily endeavors and chores.

Decrease Mental Fatigue and Anxiety

Mind Boost products also have a dramatic effect on decreasing mental fatigue and restlessness. This is courtesy of Rhodiola Rosea, which is a proprietary ingredient used in tackling anxiety and distress. According to a recent study done on physicians:

Doctors that took Rhodiola Rosea on the night shift experienced less anxiety and stress.

A 20% improvement rate in performance was recorded – with zero negative side-effects.

Improve Sleep Patterns and Rest

Picamilon is another important ingredient uses in Mind Boost products. This ingredient has been medically proven to dramatically reduce anxiety and depression. It also increases GABA in the brain, which results in a better nights sleep and proper rest. Sleep studies have also shown the importance of proper rest in securing better brain functionality and performance. Mind Boost eliminates the need for harmful sedatives, muscle relaxers, and other drugs that can impact both mental and physical health.

Replenish Brain Power While You Sleep

The product consists of Olive Leaf extracts, which load the brain with powerful antioxidants while you sleep. This enhances mental status and improves cognition and memory capacities. According to a 4 year French study:

7,000 participants showed that daily use of Mind Boost prevents memory lapses and cognitive decline.

The study also showed that the products replenish, revitalize, and rejuvenate brain functionality and performance while you sleep.

Wake Up Energize and Refreshed

As part of the Mind Boost nootropic review, it is important to point out that the product is not a sedative or muscle relaxer. Before using this or any other health enhancement product, you should also consult with your primary care physician. As a natural formula that helps your mind shut down at night, Mind Boost simply allows you to get a better nights rest. In fact, you will not wake up feeling drowsy or have brain fog like other medications.

Mind Boost Day and Night Formula Review

Mind Boost Day and Night formulas are clinically advanced with proven ingredients to enhance your brains functionality. The team at Simple Smart Science has spent countless hours researching case studies to secure the best ingredients for their products. They also implement and administer the right dosages that are clinically proven to perform at optimal rates. From premiums ingredients from leading sources to the best manufacturing and testing facilities, all products are safe to use and little to no side effects.

With Mind Boost Day and Night formulas as part of your regimen, you are guaranteed:

The most effective memory and brain focus enhancement products on the market today.

Better sleep and rest, along with higher cognitive functions and memory capacities.

Elevated energy levels better mental clarity balance and agility.

No artificial flavors or preservatives gluten free safe for vegetarians with no animal products at all.

If you are tired of feeling mentally exhausted and drained, these products will meet your needs within time and budget. With so many clinical tests and studies, Mind Boost is simply a revolutionary product that helps people feel happier all day long. The products also eliminate the need for harmful anti-anxiety and anti-depressants, such as SSRI or benzodiazepine. For more information, contact Simple Smart Science or visit their website today and get the results you deserve!

Mind Boost Nootropic Review: Mind Performance by Day, Mind Rest by Night.

Mind Boost is among the best nootropics in the market today. It provides you with a good mental boost necessary for your busy day schedule, and offers you relaxation and a good night rest. The term nootropic is widely known for boosting brains function. It is greatly sought after by individuals who desire to enhance their brain performance in the daily lives, mainly students, office workers, and older people.

Understanding Mind Boost

The Simple Smart Science Company developed this Day and Night prescription. It is formulated to improve brain activity and recuperation during the day. The Day formula provides you the memory and concentration improvements you require for daily activities. You become productive since the mind can process increasingly therefore you have an advantage over others.

The Night formula gives the body peaceful and rest effects to assist the mind repair itself when asleep. This is important as the experts depict that the brain lets out all toxins and processes all information collected during the day while you are asleep. Therefore, you wake with healthy and relaxed day, ready for the day.

Main ingredients

Both the Day and Night supplements contain active main ingredients to provide the body with a mental boost during the day and relaxing effect at night.

Ingredients in Day Formula

All these ingredients work together to keep the mind concentrated and energised. They are:

Rhodiola Rosea- It enhances brain activity and decreases the effects of intellectual stress, fatigue, and anxiety

Bacopa Monnieri- It increases blood circulation in the brain as well as activates choline. The choline has an effect on the brains dopamine that gives you more focus and concentration, therefore recuperating memory and learning

Vitamin B-12- This vitamin boosts the whole function of the mind. It is also proven to lower cognitive and mental decline

Ginkgo Biloba-Recent studies indicate that it improves attention, delayed memory, and abstract of its users. Moreover, Ginkgo Biloba improves memory recall and formation

Folic Acid- Frequent intake of folic acid has been proven to lower the rate of intellectual decline,and boosts psychological function, information processing, and memory.

Ingredients in Night Formula

These ingredients make sure you have sound nights sleep designed to improve the brains repair system. They are:

Olive Leaf Extract- It contains antioxidants that aid in the development and protection of brains cells. More so, it lowers cognitive decline

Picamilon- It eases the brain and whole body, reducing anxiety and stress

Green Tea- It contains antioxidants that boost cognitive processing speed, thus improving executive and memory functions

Folic Acid- It serves same purpose just like in the Day supplement.


Many users have given a positive review of Mind Boost Nootropic. The Day supplement offers what it promises. They have affirmed that they had better focus and attention, and better memory retention after taking it.

The Night supplement has also delivered results of a good nights rest. Users have enjoyed sound and relaxed nights. Moreover, users who lost sleep in the middle of the night have reported long sleep without sudden wakeups. Every user claims waking up energised and refreshed in the morning.

Cons and side effects

Mind Boost Nootropic has no known side effects. Both the Day and Night supplements lack caffeine therefore the user should not fret about caffeines side effects.

However, there are two downsides. First, it is only available online on the companys website, but nowhere in retailer shops. Secondly, it takes around 2- 3 weeks for the user to start feeling full effect.

Moreover, there are no known complications in case of drug interactions. However, a doctors advice is recommended since some prescriptions may contradict with formulas ingredients.


In order to achieve optimal results, take one capsule of the Day formula in the morning. This is to allow nutrients for the brains needs during the day. Same as Day formula, take one capsule before bedtime. For continuous effect, daily intake is recommended. However, if you stop taking the supplement there no side effects. The brain returns to the previous functions before you began using nootropic.


The Day Formula costs $60 each bottle, $59 each bottle for a 3 month supply, and $49 each bottle for a 6 month supply. The Night Formula costs $49/bottle, $42 /bottle for a 90 days supply, and $34/bottle for a 6 month supply.

For maximum savings, it is advised to buy the complete set, i.e. both Day and Night supplements. Day and Night Formulas cost $97 each set, $164 for 2 months supply, and $ 204 for a 3 months supply

You dont need both Day and Night supplements at the same time. They work independently.


Mind Boost Nootropic is for people who want greater results and are patient to see results. Simple Smart Science wants you to save money where you can use Day formula without the Night supplement. This Mind Boost Day and Night formula review has proven this product to be the best among nootropics.

Simple Smart Science

Simple Smart Science is a company that has one goal: and that is to make a better you, and they use the latest scientific case studies and research to develop formulas that will improve your brain power and memory. Their efforts are exemplified by their MindBoost Complete solution, which consists of a daytime and nighttime formula.

What are the Benefits?

What are the Benefits?

Even when you’re sleeping, your brain is still active processing memories and other data, but when you’re stressed out, its ability to process the information slows down. With the Complete Solution, you’ll receive a boost during daytime and let your brain relax during the evening as you sleep.

Furthermore, this is the only full cycle nootropic and provides 24 hour support for your brain. The formula for both day and nighttime products were developed specifically so there’s improvement in attention, memory and focus. The brain controls all the systems in your body including the nervous and digestive systems, so any enhancement in brain function will reach down to these as well.

Now let’s take a close look at these two formulas.

MindBoost Day

This daytime formula is a complete nootropic formulated specifically to provide your brain with the supplements necessary to perform its daily functions and maintain high performance. Even without the use of stimulants, this product will improve your concentration, memory and focus.

The secret lies in the ingredients, as they have been scientifically proven to work and provide benefits. One of the key ingredients, Bacopa Monnieri, speeds up the learning process as well as boosting your energy levels and improves memory. A natural herb found throughout Asia and Europe, Bacopa Monnieri also improves blood flow and plays a major role in the activation of choline, which affects the dopamine receptors in your brain so you’ll have better attention and focus.

One study in fact, revealed that Bacopa Monnieri improves attention spans in older adults and reduces depression and anxiety. This was further supported by studies which show that it boosts energy levels in just 12 weeks. Another ingredient, Rhodiola Rosea, reduces anxiety and mental fatigue. Just like Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea reduces stress by a significant margin.

Other ingredients in the formula are Ginkgo Biloba, vitamin B12, folic acid and more.  Ginkgo biloba is particular is important because it is a natural memory booster and enhances general cognition and blood flow.

Another study at Oxford University, supported by independent research in Australia, confirms that folic acid intake directly affects your fluency, memory and ability to remember things for the better. The 2 year Oxford study showed that people who don’t take folic acid had 53% lower brain atrophy, and a more recent study showed that vitamin B helps prevent Alzheimer’s.

Why You Need the Formula

It’s true your body and brain naturally generates the elements you need from foods, but the fact is most of the food we eat lack nourishment. Poor diet along with poor habits reduce the nutrients your brain receives and leads to deterioration, but by taking this you’ll be able to compensate for those dietary shortcomings.

MindBoost Night

This formula was specially developed for nighttime use. You can think of it as the safe and natural equivalent of sleeping pills and sedatives without the side effects. Essentially what this supplement does is eliminate the stress and anxiety you go through during the day so you can sleep better at night. The product also doesn’t contain any harmful relaxants or chemicals that will leave you feeling groggy the next morning.

How Does it Work?

This formula contains special ingredients that stimulate brain activity while removing stress. One of these is picamilon, which reduces anxiety, promotes better sleep and enhances cognitive function. A study conducted by Japanese scientists suggested that picamilon and GABA supplementation strengthens the brain’s immunity even during stressful conditions.

Another vital ingredient is Withania Somnifera or Ashwagandha, a naturally potent adaptogen that’s been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Unlike medications and drugs, Withania Somnifera works harmoniously with your body’s system so you can sleep better at night. While Withania Somnifera has been long used in India, it’s only recently that Western medicine was able to uncover and realize its benefits.

A random, placebo controlled and double blind study (Chandrasekhar K1, Kapoor J, Anishetty S.) revealed that the ashwagandha root improves your body’s resistance to stress and improves your quality of life.

A separate study on ashwagandha was conducted and supported the findings above, stating that it is an effective antioxidant and improves your immune system. What makes this effective are its immunostimulatory and antioxidant properties that help you withstand anxiety and stress.

Helping You Sleep Better

You don’t need any more scientific data to prove that not getting enough sleep isn’t good for you: it results in headaches, dizziness, and grogginess and affects your productivity for the rest of the day.

Here’s a little known fact: when you go to sleep, your brain uses that time to conduct repairs to revitalize and rejuvenate your brain. During sleep time your brain gets rid of the toxins that were built up for the day and flushes them out so to speak.

However, none of this will be possible if you don’t get to sleep, which is what makes this nighttime formula so important. There are many reasons why people have trouble sleeping, ranging from stress, worry, poor diet, or just genetically indisposed to being a light sleeper.

Whatever the case may be, this product was specially formulated to help you sleep and allow your brain to conduct the necessary “repairs” and cleaning. When you take both the day and nighttime formula, you’ll have a greater memory recall for names and dates and avoid the so-called senior moments that affect elderly –and even young- people.


There’s no question that supplements to increase brain power can go a long way towards improving your concentration and memory. However, taking each supplement separately is time consuming and costly. By availing of these formulas you will be maximum potential from your brain and mind, without any side effects.

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