Nootropics will play an instrumental part in saving the planet.

That’s a bold statement, but think about it — without new ways of thinking (and new, strong, creative neural networks in our brains), without increased brainpower working on the problems our modern world has created — we’re in serious trouble.

We created the world we live in with its problems; now it’s time to think our way to new and better paradigms.  Nootropics will play a big part in this, along with any and all other methods that increase out the ability to find creative new solutions to complex problems.

Despite the current political and economic mess surrounding us right now, the future depends on you…and your brains.  It depends on all of us working together.

Slow, foggy, uncreative brains only put a drag on us charging into future with guns blazing.

best brain cognitive enhancers

There’s a reason Silicon Valley and other hubs of creativity are filled with people experimenting with natural nootropics and even nootropic drugs.  They boost our power to create.

Our world is more polluted and toxic than ever before creating both a challenge to our brain chemistry as well as for our survival on planet earth.  Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia are skyrocketing from the onslaught that modern living has created with good but shortsighted intentions.  And millions of us need multiple cups of strong coffee just to get through the day because of the awful brain fog we experience, mainly from living in unhealthy, outmoded ways.

That’s not a rosy picture but within. However crisis, there is an opportunity.  Instead of focusing on the problems and symptoms of modern living, we say — let’s focus on turning these situations around together.

We have more power for real change than we ever have ever had before in our entire history, healthful balanced are a planet in crisis but at the same time, we’re awash in the opportunity to combat these very crises.

Entrepreneurs of the future will cleanup the planet while making a fortune doing it; changes in diet, exercise, and supplementation will stave off Alzheimer’s; and thousands will cut down on their coffee addiction or quit altogether with the help of the next generation of nootropic supplements.

It may seem far-fetched, but we have nothing else to rely on other than improving our ability to create the new.  The old structures (whether we see it or not yet) are crumbling, they will be replaced by the new and better.

Also, the days of the CEO drinking three martinis every night at dinner are fading, today’s executives are smarter and are more likely to run three miles and eat organic than to pound back booze all night.  They take nootropics.

Students, executives, and entrepreneurs are the future for our world, and we need better brains to solve the world’s biggest problems.  Simple as that.  Nootropics will play a role.

Through the modern magic of the Internet, we have also never had more direct access to cutting edge scientific information regarding preserving and augmenting our brainpower.   It’s likely that some of you have already done some reading up on nootropics and natural cognitive enhancers, and you’re hungry for more.

Our goal here is to feed your curiosity and your mind to the benefit of us all.  All of us.

A new creative movement is accelerating right now in our society, people are fighting back against old, outdated systems, we don’t want to settle for business as usual, we want optimal health, optimal brains, and we want to tackle the biggest problems on the planet and actually solve them, moving forward to the next level.  Nootropics will play a role.

It is going to take serious brainpower, entrepreneurship, and hard work to get there.  And cognitive enhancers will be a big part of the solution as research and implementation provided better and better results.

In the future taking your herbal enhancers in the morning will be as commonplace as reaching for that cup of coffee.

That is the future, and we are just at the beginning.


Nootropics and smart drugs are just a piece of the puzzle (a big piece, but just a piece).

To make our brains function in the best way possible we need to be pro-active in our lives.  Taking smart drug supplements in concert with simple things like regular exercise and daily meditation is like turbocharging your brain.  The effect is greater than the sum of the parts.

Everything works together.  At its core, it is mainly about improving our neuroplasticity so that we can learn more, think faster, and become smarter.

Exercise improves circulation to the brain and clears out all the old junk that can clog up the system; it will also deliver more of what we put into our bodies (like natural brain enhancers).

In fact, many nootropics increase blood flow to certain areas of the brain or make the brain more efficient, allowing for more and stronger neural networks to form with time.

Adaptogenic Herbs like Rhodiola, ginseng, and ashwagandha promote stronger blood flow in the brain and are nootropic in nature.  Curcumin and ginger help move waste products from the brain and help to prevent mental decline, pairing the use of these herbal cognitive enhancers with cardiovascular exercise over time builds a better brain.

That’s synergy.  Exercise helps to build new neurons in the brain and is essential for anyone looking to improve their minds to the highest levels.  Intense cardiovascular exercise has the most data supporting its efficacy for brain health, but new studies are emerging which also support weight training as a brain booster as well.

However, you choose to exercise, be sure to do something, as it will make your nootropic supplements work even better.  The simple b-vitamin niacin can be used to increase circulation in the body and within the brain as well.  Cayenne pepper, gingko, these simple herbs can be used nootropically to increase blood flow to the brain.

Of course, there are other stronger nootropic stacks, but you can start with something that simple to get your started on your journey.

Meditation works on the other end of the spectrum; it allows the brain to rest indeed and turn-off.  And deep rest enables the brain to heal faster and grow more neurons in the process.  Don’t overlook meditation, in as little as fifteen minutes per day, you can make your nootropic stack work even better.  Adaptogenic herbs allow us to relax better, as well as something as simple as supplemental magnesium.  Many will not think of magnesium as a nootropic in nature, but if it helps the body to enter into deeper meditation it helps the brain grow stronger – then, isn’t it?

Many pioneers in the field of nootropics would agree that even the strongest of the smart cocktails don’t work every well for the inactive.  With our brains it’s definitely a use it or lose it situation; so take your natural nootropics and live an active lifestyle.

That doesn’t mean physical activity only, though, difficult mental activity and even brain games are proven to grow new neurons, brain enhancing game companies have the scientific data to back it up too.

You have to be active to take full advantage of these substances.  Don’t be a couch potato, or play Call of Duty five hours a day and think your brain is going to flourish.

It just makes sense; you can’t expect your brain to work magically flawlessly if all you do is sit around after work and do nothing.  If, however, you’re reading books, attending events, being social, exercising and doing all the right things then these supplements will enhance those activities and greatly improve your life.

You can put gas and oil in your car but if you let it sit it begins to slowly atrophy, the same is true with your brain.  So take your nootropics and stay active to achieve maximum benefits.


Many cognitive enhancers are used to address depression and anxiety.  In fact, new theories of depression and anxiety point to the fact that those who suffer from these conditions have problems growing new neurons.

This is huge for suffers, groundbreaking and it offers hope without the use of harsh drugs.

Most antidepressant drugs are neuroprotective and even promote neurogenesis.  But the bad news with these types of drugs is that they often have serious side effects like weight gain, anxiety, acne, and sexual problems.

You don’t have to treat your depression and anxiety with pharmaceutical drugs.  In fact, thousand of people relieve their depression and anxiety with things like simple amino acids, tyrosine, and tryptophan (or 5-htp) are two major aminos for depression and anxiety.

When taken alone away from food they are absorbed readily by the body and can be used to create dopamine and serotonin (neurotransmitters that are almost always low when people are suffering for depression).

These simple amino acids can be considered nootropic in that they make the brain’s dopamine and serotonin systems work at a much higher level, this provides clear and calm cognition.

When someone is depressed their cognitive power is greatly reduced; many extremely powerful minds on our planet suffer from depression, so freeing these people up to be creative problem solvers will be an absolute goldmine for transforming our world.

Phenibut is a nootropic that is frequently used for those with anxiety, however, the caveat with this compound is to be careful with dosages.  Never abuse a powerful compound like this, take as little as possible to get the required effect.  Just because you don’t need a prescription doesn’t mean it’s not drug-like in effect.

You can stack different nootropics for anxiety.  Many wonder what the best nootropic stack for anxiety might be?  You’ll have to experiment, but Phenibut, Aniracetam, Picamilon, theanine, 5-thp or tryptophan are all things that you can try.  As well as calming herbs such as chamomile and valerian root.

You need to find what stack works for you through trial and error.

If you suffer from depression with insomnia, you can take something like melatonin to help you sleep.  And when you sleep better your depression will lift as your brain can make the necessary repairs at night.

In fact, many nootropics will help you to sleep better over time as excellent sleep is one of the foundations of better brain health.  Without excellent sleep, there is no way that we can learn and retain information to a high level nor solve problems creatively.


It’s no big secret anymore that our brains are under serious attack on multiple fronts, mostly due to modern living.  Our food is factory farmed with GMO’s, our water is legally poisoned with chlorine and fluoride, we’re working longer hours, and we have less time to relax really.

All of these factors contribute to brains that won’t function to their potential.  We solve fewer problems, and overall human progress grinds to a slowing halt.

Stress is at an all-time high.  Did you realize that stress is one of the biggest threats to our brains?  Anything that decreases stress indirectly improves the brain’s ability to function better.

The before mentioned tryptophan, phenibut, and magnesium all decrease stress as do adaptogens so they should not be overlooked as true nootropics (though they are not always grouped in with racetams and other more well-known nootropic agents).

Other nootropics that are stimulating will also make the brain work better, but we should look for a balanced effect, so we don’t burn ourselves out, there are real dangers to relying only on stimulatory type substances in the long term.  Yes, stimulating smart cocktails are an important piece of the puzzle, but so are calming herbs.

We need to keep our bodies and our brains clean so that they function well.

Cleaning our systems out should be a part of everyone’s brain health protocol.  Some nutraceuticals will help use achieve this; such has curcumin and resveratrol.

Nootropic, in general, terms usually means augmenting our brainpower, but we must also preserve our brains from the effects of stress and nasty environmental chemicals.  Thankfully almost all nootropic substances will help to preserve neural networks from the ravages of the environment (this would include everything we’ve mentioned here or will mention here).

If you want to protect (and boost) your brainpower, you’ll want to look into add-on methods like massage, yoga, herbal therapy, progress relaxation techniques, as well as fasting and cleansing the body regularly.

A stressed and dirty system cannot possibly foster an optimal brain.

Take heart, we live in exciting times as scientific discoveries, and research is beginning to make huge inroads with regards to brain health.

Nootropics play a vital part in brain health, but don’t skip any alternative therapy that relieves stress.  The less stress you have, the better your brain will work, period.


Many of us are interested in our diet and how our diets can be used to optimize our brains.  The main thing to remember here is that our bodies are all different and what works for one may not work for another.

Trial and error and experimentation will be the best guide to your adventure.

There are a few things that are proven to be neuroprotective in recent scientific studies.  Protecting our neurons allows us to recall information and make more and better connection; in essence, it will significantly boost problem-solving ability over time.

Intermittent fasting is something that we can all try that will increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor, this natural chemical protects neurons and encourages our brains to grow more of them.

Lion’s mane mushroom, a nootropic mushroom, as well as ALCAR (an amino) can do the same thing and can work in concert with your health regimen.

Short juice fasts or longer-term facts will do the same thing as intermittent fasting on a daily basis.  And then there is a caloric restriction.  All of these measures are neuroprotective and have been proven to be time and time again; they have even been seen as having dramatic effects on people with mood disorders or other cognitive problems.

Taking fish oils and eating a diet rich in omega three fatty acids is great for the brain too.  This has been proven in extensive studies.  So, take your fish oils and eat fatty fish a few times a week.  Look for supplements with a high DHA and EPA content for the best possible results.  You can stack fish oil, with uridine and a choline source for a very powerful nootropic effect (the uridine stack).

But always remember that without a diet regimen that’s right for you, your nootropic stack will not work as well as it should.  Discover any food intolerances or foods that your body doesn’t agree with and your brain will work so much better.

As far as vitamins go, it is mostly the b-vitamins that have proven to be stress reducing and neuro-enhancing.  They are intimating involved in creating our neurotransmitters.

In fact some nootropics drugs are based on a b vitamin, Picamilon comes to mind; it is a powerful anti-anxiety nootropic working on the GABA system to calm a stressed system.

It’s very powerful for anxiety sufferers; everyone should try it but start with a small dose and creep it up until you feel a good effect.

Often in our modern world people are having trouble with methylation problems and will need higher doses of folate and vitamin B-12.

If you suffer from under-methylation then taking these b-vitamins (in their activated forms) will have a tremendous impact on how your brain functions.  You can do a simple genetic test to find out if you have methylation problems, and you should be taking the active form of these vitamins, as well as all the other b-vitamins so that your balance does not get out of whack.

Even the simple multi-vitamin can be thought of as neuroprotective and brain enhancing (basically nootropic) because our brains need all these co-factors to function optimally.  These co-factors will work synergistically with any nootropic supplements that we take; it all works together.

None of us should overlook the impact of what we eat, it is nootropic in nature, in fact, different foods can be thought of as the first nootropics; the bottom line is that a balanced, healthful diet will only improve our ability to think clearly.


A lot of college students are experimenting with nootropic drugs that are usually available only by prescription.  While we aren’t advocating this one way or the other, this is happening, and we won’t ignore it; these drugs do increase creativity and the ability to solve problems.

The trouble is that these drugs build a tolerance, and the user will need more and more to function at a high level.

Nootropic drugs ideally should be non-toxic and not develop a tolerance (combination supplements like Alpha Brain utilize only herbs).  (We review many new and exciting combination nootropic supplements in other sections of the site.)

By cycling off these harsher prescription drugs and using them occasionally, it’s thought that people can avoid many of the adverse side effects and stop tolerance from setting in.  In theory and practice this does tend to be the truth.

Stimulating brain drugs that are used in this way would include Ritalin, Adderall, and Modafinil.  Again, we won’t encourage or discourage their use but only report the facts.  The fact is that these drugs are nootropic in nature and can significantly aid in learning and problem solving.

Coffee can also be considered nootropic and could be included in this category, and just like these prescription drugs coffee will build a tolerance and won’t work as well as time progresses in most cases.

It’s been anecdotally reported by some that taking a week or two off from drinking any coffee will return the it’s potency to maximum efficiency.  The same can likely be said for Modafinil or Adderall.  It probably can be used responsibly.  However, there are dangers with escalating usage as well as a potential addiction that must be mentioned.

When drinking coffee for an extended period and cycling off people often go through withdrawals and brain fog is a typical symptom.  So, you’re getting a negative effect on your cognition from stopping usage, and that’s not something that is sustainable in the long run.

If people can use stimulant type drugs in a responsible and casual way, then there is a benefit to using them.  And of course for people with ADHD and ADD using these drugs may even be a necessity, but most students using these drugs have not been diagnosed with either.

Some students are probably wondering what the best stack for studying might be.

As with any nootropic combination, you need to experiment and find what works for you.  The fact is that prescription drugs can work well (despite risk side effects), but also stimulating nootropics like the racetams are available as well as adaptogen herbs and things like lion’s mane mushroom.

Larger doses or tyrosine can give a big mental boost when studying for long hours.  You’ll want to dose tyrosine away from food and periodically throughout the day for maximum effects.

A lot of combination nootropic supplements in a single bottle may feature things like tyrosine, herbs and other compounds in different varying amounts.  The best of these formulations can be taken daily and do not build a tolerance (although cycling them for maximum effect is recommended).


So coffee is nootropic but also highly stimulating. Therefore, some of us may get negative effects from it.  Green tea, on the other hand, isn’t so stimulating but also has a high caffeine content; why is this?

Green tea contains large amounts of an amino acid called l-theanine.

This simple fact led some people to begin combining coffee with l-theanine in a nootropic stack, and for many people, it works beautifully.  The l-theanine is calming so it can take the edge off of the coffee, producing a very alert problem-solving mind state that doesn’t race hither and thither.

With nootropics were are always in search of ways to obtain a balanced brain state, one that is both highly alert and calm at the same time.  The coffee + theanine stack is one such method to achieve this brain state.

The very first nootropic drug ever created is called Piracetam.  It works on the acetylcholine system of the brain that can be thought of as the primary system for cognition in the brain.

To stack piracetam for maximum benefits, it must be paired with a source of choline.  In fact without extra choline you could be depleting your brain’s choline so never take piracetam without a choline source to be sure that you’re not doing any harm.

You will be able to tell if your choline stores are dropping from taking Piracetam if you begin to experience headaches; that is the tell tale sign.  The best Piracetam stack will combine with a choline source such as CDP Choline or Alpha GPC.

If you’ve tried a racetam such as Piracetam in the past and different feel much of a benefit, then you will want to try stacking with a choline source.  If your wallet is a little light and you want to risk it, then you can eat a lot of eggs and liver daily, both of which are excellent nutritional sources of choline.

Different racetams have different properties so if you want to get the benefit of all of them, then you can stack a variety of racetams together.  You will want to start will a very low dose so that you don’t overload the system.

Common racetams include Aniracetam, Piracetam, and Oxiracetam.  They all have slightly different effects and duration of effect.  What works for one person may not work for someone else, so again, you will want to experiment with various combinations, dosages, and the timing of those dosages.

There is no reason you cannot mix and match stacks like the ones that we have mentioned or look for others.  In fact, there are entire forums devoted to this topic with many thousands of people experimenting.

As always start with a low dosage and work your way up.

You many do well with a combination of the coffee + theanine stack, Piracetam, and some adaptogenic herbs such as Rhodiola and ginseng.  As always the goal is a state of mind that is both clear and calm, we are attempting to reach states of clarity where deep problem solving is much easier than without nootropic aids.

The primary rule of thumb would be to keep stimulating and calming substances balanced in your system.

Tyrosine, coffee, racetams, and Adderall are all very stimulating.  5-htp, Phenibut, tryptophan, valerian root, and lemon balm are all calming to the nerves.

We’re aiming for a balanced system at all times.

If you’re feeling too wired then you know that you’re out of balance, if you’re feeling too sedated then you are also out of balance.  We are aiming for the middle or the Goldilocks zone.

The brain is intimately intertwined with our nervous system that has two basic gears, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic.  We are trying to balance these two systems with everything that we do, including our nootropic supplements or drugs.

These states are also the end goal of stuff such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong.  The more we live with a truly balanced brain and nervous system the stronger we will be able to think.

You should always consider cycling your supplements and your stacks for maximum efficiency.

The body and the brain function optimally when we don’t always rely on external substances.  Although the best nootropics do not encourage tolerance to develop, we should look to the ancient herbal masters who knew that the body should take breaks from anything and everything to reach the best balance.

You may want to try cycling on and off different stacks or various combinations to keep your system from relying on anything.  This is an ancient principle that still holds water today.  Any time the body gets too used to something from an external source it can tone down the bodies own natural productions of certain chemicals.

So, cycling nootropics are something you’ll want to experiment with monthly.

Also take into account what your agenda is for the day and amend your protocol accordingly.

If you’re going to studying all day then you may want to push your racetam dosage up, your tyrosine up, and your adaptogens that are stimulating up too (ginseng is a good example).

If on the other hand you’re going to be chilling all day playing X-box you probably will want to tone down your stimulating substances.

If you’re heading out to a social event that is stimulating, you will probably want to take compounds that increase your social nature such as aniracetam, theanine, and the like.  If you have a bit of social anxiety, you can relax your mind with things like valerian and a moderate dose of Phenibut.


Nootropic supplements are tools; they are tools that we need to use intelligently not only to improve our problem-solving skills but also to enhance our lives.

The challenges in front of us are daunting, from environmental degradation to economic models that often seem outdated, to systems of energy that aren’t efficient, to mental health issues and declining cognitive abilities in the aging.

Through applying ourselves to live our lives to the fullest in our careers, our ability to connect with others, and our ability to just invent new and better ways of doing things we can transform the planet from one that is sadly lacking for so many into one that is abundant for all.

Nootropics will play a role.  They are a tool.  And emerging science is discovering more and more exciting ways to improve our brains and through that to improve the world around us.

We live in exciting times.  The students, business leaders, and entrepreneurs of today will together create new systems of living that will optimally serve all of us.  They will do this by applying brainpower and using every possible advantage and edge in improving their creativity and mental prowess.

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