“Life seems short,” that’s coming from a supercentenarian Japanese woman who had lived through the entire 20th century—during two world wars and the early beginnings of the television, the internet, and space travel. So what’s the secret to being able to walk when you’re almost a hundred and perhaps even creating more YOLO moments at that age? Taking a leaf out of 117-year-old Misao Okawa’s life, it is as simple as getting plenty of rest and having a varied diet.

Rest is easy. Everyone wants it and voluntarily takes it. But diet, it can take a long time for people to find the right one and one that they can stick to. It’s a good thing though that you do not have to go through a whole century to find one that personally fits; there various diet schemes such as Nutrisystem plans, that would allow people to experience the secret to longevity delivered right to their doorsteps.

Criminal Mouths and Unhealthy Eating Patterns

Crime Scene #1: The television is tuned into your favorite program with the remote in your hand. You and the couch have practically become one as you lie there for hours. Reaching into a bag of chips, you pull out a handful of salty goodness and put it in your mouth. Once you get thirsty, you quench it with a can of soda at the table, within arm’s length. It’s a pre-dinner ritual or what the weekends look like.

There are many bad eating habits that people acquire growing up, and one of them is mindless eating. It happens when we run low on energy and fall into autopilot mode. We ascribe to it a snacking system that becomes a comfortable default meal plan.

Crime Scene #2: Alarm goes off… the third time. You look up the clock and realize you’re late. Your eyes grow wide, and you spring into action. You rush your through your morning ritual faster than The Flash. In just under 10 minutes, you’re out the door and with your only breakfast in hand—a tumbler filled with coffee.

Skipping breakfast is a familiar situation, especially when it feels there’s barely any time in the morning. You do it one time and realize there’s the rest of the day to eat, so leaving it out first thing in the morning wouldn’t be so bad. Wrong! Your metabolism slows down whenever you skip a meal and that breakfast should’ve been what kick starts that whole system. Skipping one meal and doubling up the servings on the next meal does not balance out anything.

Crime Scene #3: You with a tub of ice cream and a spoon and about to burst out into tears. Or perhaps you with a box of pizza and some can of beers about to break the good news.

Emotional eating is right up there with the usual suspects that force you into a cycle of bad eating habits. Food can easily become a way of coping for both positive and negative emotions. It’s an effortless way to reward a feeling and one can get easily attached to that type of reward. This can become unhealthy and a possible roadblock for weight loss.

Crime Scene #4: It’s dark, and only a glow from the corner can be seen. The bottom half of the body is peaking out while the upper half of the body is inside, examining the contents of the fridge.

Midnight snacking, as they call it, is another bad eating habit. Studies have been found that when you eat is just as important as what you eat. When you eat before you sleep, the food is digested much slower since the body is already trying to get some rest.

Crime Scene #5: In front of your office PC, your eyes start to droop. You try to fight it, but your eyelids can’t take the exhaustion. Perhaps staying up late to finish that video game and only getting 4 hours of sleep last night wasn’t such a great idea. You get up to get yourself some coffee. It’s your third cup, and you wonder when the caffeine would start to kick in.

Lack of sleep can lead to bad eating habits especially when to try to fight your exhaustion by means of pick-me-ups such as coffee and sweets. The caffeine or sugar rush might do the trick for a couple of minutes but pretty soon, your more depleted than ever unless you completely recharge with some 8 hours of good quality sleep.

Diets at Anarchy: What Diets Offer

Nowadays, to get rid of bad eating, one must exert all efforts into getting back on the healthy train. But it’s almost quite impossible to choose which diet program or nutrition strategy to follow when everybody is saying they have the highest success rate of all. People tend to rely on what is the most popular or which got the most upvotes. The following Giants in the weight loss industry have had the longest staying power and are most trusted by the public because of the number of success stories that came out of their respective programs.

Nutrisystem reviews note, in particular, the convenience that the diet delivery program provides and the ease of following the diet plan. It is best for on-the-go individuals who have very busy schedules. By providing specific pre-packaged meals to be consumed throughout the day and allowing you to add your personal preference of healthy food on the side, the Nutrisystems strategy aims at teaching people to eat smart by simplifying weight loss. How much is Nutrisystem? For 28 days, 6 specific meals are designed and given each day depending on your choice of diet plan that ranges from $260 to $340.

Weight Watchers is geared towards counting points through digital tracking and 24/7 expert chats, guided meetings or personal coaching. It makes people aware of nutrition facts and quantities consumed with every food item or meal. Meetings can cost around $10 to $12 per week while the online program costs $29.95 upon sign up and additional $19.95 monthly fee. The personal coaching is priced at $54.95.

Jenny Craig is another program that many people swear by with their offering of pre-packaged meals and weekly one-on-one sessions. Weight loss is achieved through consistent tracking of the personal goals you designed with your Jenny Craig consultant. A $99 enrollment fee is charged, and the unlimited consultations cost $19, but you can forgo the enrollment fee if you only want one consultation each week. For that, you pay $29 a month instead. Add to that the food price that ranges from $18 to $26 a day.

The cost of Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or any diet program for that matter is worth nothing compared to the nutrition education and healthy lifestyle that the person is gaining. All that these diet systems offer is an education to proper food nutrition. Eating is such second nature that the bad eating habits have become so difficult to unlearn. The success in weight loss can only be achieved if one is re-educated in the correct way of food consumption.

Curb Your Enthusiasm for Bad Foods and Cravings

There are diets that lead people to chew with the raw movement only to find themselves too weak to continue after a few days. Some people find vegetarian or vegan diets a bit challenging to swallow especially when food is limited to the “green menace” that they have fought off from their plates since they were little. Then there others who learn of meal plans that yield distasteful results because they do away with specific food groups that have been said to be the primary causes of weight gain.

Healthy and sustainable weight loss should not be about deprivation or subtraction of food but rather the replacement or addition of good nutrients.
Frequently consumed portioned food with balanced nutrition is the key to effective weight loss and is the simple equation behind the Nutrisystem diet.

Nutrisystem review of the menu shows meal plans with a diversity of nutrients combined with smart carbohydrates that do not raise the blood sugar. Nutrisystem meals are constructed with limited calories and sodium that efficiently aids in weekly healthy weight loss of about a pound or two. Also, the frequency of meals is not limited to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Keeping satiated throughout the day curbs the cravings and controls the hunger which is why you are encouraged to eat every 2 hours, enjoying from their wide selection of entrees and snacks.

The specific meal plans are designed for men, women, anyone older than 60 and those with type 2 diabetes or in a pre-diabetes state wherein blood sugar levels needs to be managed. There is the Basic Plan, Core Plan, and Uniquely Yours plan to choose from. But meal plans are not limited to these options alone. People can pick their food items from the prescribed option of foods either for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert and snacks. There is also the freedom to add your healthy treat from your local grocery.

Healthy meal plans are prescribed as well as a program for 30 minutes of exercise each day to help your metabolism run in tip-top shape that will aid in the weight loss process. A list of moderate and robust physical activities will be provided, and you can create your own set of exercises. But for the first 2 weeks, you’ll be needed to abide by the activity agenda under the program to start you off.

Food Anatomy and Healthy Food Choices

Nutrisystem food reviews indicate that there’s no shortage of healthy great-tasting food in the program. For breakfast, you can choose from the likes of thick sliced French toast, cinnamon streusel muffins, or chocolate biscotti bites, among others. For lunch, the selections include multigrain pilaf, loaded baked potato, steak and cheese melt, etc. For dinner, there’s Italian sausage and turkey pizza, whole wheat ricotta crepes, meatballs in marinara sauce and so on.  The desserts are not limited to just fresh fruits. There are chocolate cupcakes, red velvet whoopie pies, pizza puffs, and the list goes on. A grocery guide list is also provided so that you can incorporate your own healthy snack.

When you see the list of food selection, it will not strike you as the healthy kind since it feels like it’s everything that you’ve already been chowing down. But what they also stress in the program is that you work with what is familiar and from there learn the correct habits for weight loss and, eventually, for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

The program also does not restrict people from eating outside. There’s an Eating Out Guide so that you can still stick to your healthy routine even when you are out in the town, enjoying the company of other people and exposed to assorted unhealthy grub. You do have to keep in mind though that alcohol is prohibited while in the program.

This diet delivery system is highly recommended not just by professionals but also by people whose schedules barely allows them anytime for any intensive weight loss plan or complicated diet strategies. Eating doesn’t have to be another area in life where you need to exert so much effort in decision-making.

Breaking Bad Eating Habits

It is said that as we age, creating new habits become impossible. Bad habits become permanent if not remedied. Bad eating habits, in particular, become health concerns that can lead to disastrous outcomes. But as Charles Duhigg mentioned in his book “The Power of Habit,” people can never really destroy bad habits, they can only alter them.

Habits are formed because of cues, routines, and rewards. When you cannot control your hunger or when you crave and reach out for unhealthy food choices, you are rewarded with short-term satisfactions that after a while will lead you to cycle back into the beginning of the same unhealthy eating habit.

There are people who find it easy to do a total 360 on healthy living. But often, the willpower wavers at the onset when decision-making becomes overwhelming especially when you are only on the part of planning a meal. This is why choosing a program that has established meal plans can be quite beneficial. You first learn the habit of eating healthy and then the habit of creating healthy foods.

Creating healthy eating habits doesn’t stop at consuming properly planned diets. As people become aware of what nourishes their bodies the right way, they begin to pay attention to their actions and what impact it does to their health. Observed changes include people eating breakfast regularly. They don’t skip meals. They eat at the dinner table and not in front of the television. They consciously make an effort to diversify their food—a healthy plate with good portions of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and calories. People begin to take the time to shop and scrutinize food items for their nutritional value. They begin carrying water bottles instead of tumblers filled with coffee or soda. And then, they sign up for gym memberships and exercise classes. They join groups to sustain their healthy goals. People become confident in creating the life they want to live. The list goes on.

The Nutrisystem weight loss, like so many other weight loss programs, is a step to re-introducing people to the forgotten values and habits of healthy eating. Its promise of convenience and simplicity have been lauded by many who have gone through the process and have come out with such amazing stories such that of losing 100 pounds and even more over the course of a few months. What’s more is that testimonies show that people can keep the weight off because they picked up the habit that the program taught them.

What has made people attracted to such programs and has made patrons out of people who have tried them is that the program teaches discipline. It makes people feel that they have gained back the control they lost especially regarding their health. With people living such busy lives these days, eating healthy is something that a lot of people take for granted until you’ve gained all this weight and needing to shed the excess.

Diets do not become successful overnight, but it doesn’t have to be such a problematic task either. Gone are the days where the only diet trick is not to eat anything at all to keep the weight off. Studies have been made. Experiments have been done. Theories have been proven, and myths have been busted. There are now more effective ways to keep the love handles away as well as maintain good health. Not all may be aiming to live to a hundred but right now seems to be a pretty good time, just as any period, to get into shape. One doesn’t even have to design the blueprint. All you have to do is pick a plan.

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