Top 7 Best Babysitter Services

If you and your spouse are away from home often, you want to know that the babysitter you’ve hired will do a good job of watching over your children. But since any babysitter service website can say whatever they want to about the babysitters who work for them, you’ll want to look at some reviews from people who have worked for that particular babysitter service before to get a general feeling for the babysitter service. This will comfort you in knowing that your children are being properly looked after while you’re away for a few hours.

While you should be able to find reviews on all of the babysitter websites that we’ll be mentioning online, for this article, we’ll just be referring to the reviews and testimonials on the actual babysitting sites.

The first babysitter website that we’ll look at is There’s an entire section on the website where reviewers can post reviews about their experiences with the service and then give the site a ranking: a thumbs up and a green background color, a mid thumbs up and a yellow background color, or a thumbs down and a black background color.

The review also includes the date of the review, the name of the individual who made the review, and what city and state the person came from. This is an excellent way for you to find references to, as you can simply skim down the list to get a sense of what the rankings are for the site, and if you want to, you can take the time to thoroughly read what people have to say about the site as well.

You can use these reviews as references for the service. is a very big babysitter service who also specialize in other things such as senior care, pet care, and home care. All in all, this is a great place to start if you’re looking for the right babysitter for your kids.

Find a also has an excellent testimonials page similar to the one set up at Here, you can find all sorts of reviews for the site that are generally more in depth than the ones at   Whereas the reviews at are no more than a few sentences in length are to the point, the reviews at Find a are set up so that the reviewer summarizes their story of experiences at the service. Instead of a thumbs up or thumbs down rating, people rate their experiences based on a more traditional rating scale of zero to five stars.

You can also find the date of the review and the name of the reviewer. An added feature is that you can also rate and review the individual babysitters, instead of the entire Find a Babysitter service as a whole. You can search for babysitters by area and easily find the one you hired to give them a review.

All in all, Find a has a very complete and efficient means of finding reviews, and shows reviews both for the general site’s services and for the individual babysitters as well.

Phone a

Phone a also has a testimonials page similar in style to the testimonials page from, in that the reviews are focused more on stories rather than quick sentence or two to sum up the service. There are also no ratings (no stars or thumbs up/thumbs down), which some readers may not like. But what it is unique about the testimonials page on Phone a is that there are two sets of testimonials: one from parents, and another from babysitters.

Both testimonials review the service rather than the actual babysitting. However, the motto of Phone a is ‘Connecting Parents and Babysitters Nationwide,’ so the implication is that the testimonials page is made to bring the parents and the babysitters together. Many of the reviews have mentioned the ease and simplicity of the site, making it easier for parents and babysitters to connect with one another just like the motto of the service claims.

Great Au Pair

Similar to Phone a, Great Au also has two sets of customer reviews: one set of caregiver reviews and another set of family reviews. Great Au Pair is another site where caregivers and families can come together.

The site offers au pairs, babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, senior care, and even tutors. This makes them an excellent all round service, but don’t hesitate if you believe you may need more information about them. On Caregiver reviews, you’ll find many of the caregivers on Au Pair writing their reviews of the service. On Family reviews, you’ll find families from all over the world talking about their experiences with Au Pair and if they would recommend it or not.

Whether you’re a babysitter looking for a babysitting service or a family in need of a caregiver, Au Pair is an excellent place to look for testimonials before making your final decision. There are literally hundreds of reviews from both caregivers and families. If you feel that you are comfortable with the site, you can even interview specific babysitters and other caregivers online as well. You’ll find names for specific babysitters that other families recommend through reading the reviews.


Unlike the other babysitter sites and services that we’ve seen so far, Nanny does not offer a specific section on its website where families or babysitters can post reviews of the service. Nonetheless, a quick search on Google or Yahoo will yield several reviews of the service from online. Granted, these aren’t the personal review, stories or testimonials that you would expect from the other sites we’ve viewed where you can read actual experiences with the service.

Nonetheless, you still shouldn’t discount Nanny for this reason. You can still access basic background checks on babysitters for a very small fee, and each of the caregivers and babysitters on the site have to pass a Nanny Basic Skills Exam. This, coupled with the professional reviews of the service that you can find online, should make Nanny worth checking out if you’re looking for a job or for a babysitter.

Babysitters 4 has a testimonials page, but it is still more difficult to find and access than some of the other sites that we’ve taken a look at. However, the actual testimonials page is very simple and filled with dozens of reviews. Most of the reviews are no more than a few sentences long and are written by families and parents who have hired babysitters from the service in the past. Included in the reviews are the names of the reviewer, and the state and city that they come from. has been used all over the country.

A major downside to the testimonials page from is that there is no system for the reviewer to rank the actual site. Instead, you’ll just have to read the actual reviews to get a sense of what the reviewer is trying to convey. Next to the testimonials page, you’ll also find a number of biographies of the different babysitters who are available. If you want an excellent all round view of the website, you should read both the biographies and the reviews in order to get a clear picture of whether or not you feel comfortable with the site.

The has a media center page that gives a rather short list of testimonials from families and parents who have experience with the service. Some of the testimonials are very short, no more than a sentence long, while others are an entire paragraph and tell the stories that the families have had with

There are no ratings for these parents to put an out of 5 or 10 star rating, or a thumbs up or a thumbs down. However, an additional testimonial page does make things interesting. This second testimonial page is for corporate clients to explain their experiences with

All in all, reviews and testimonials of these babysitter sites should not be your only criteria for selecting the right babysitter service for you. But they should be a factor in that. Skimming through the reviews of these babysitter services will give you a general idea of the kinds of experiences that other people have had. If you’re still weary of reviews that are being posted on the actual sites, you can always turn to external reviews on Google and Yahoo as well. In addition, you’ll also find plenty of professional and well-written reviews that not only explain what the babysitter service provides, but also rates the individual components of it. Last but not least, you can also read the reviews of the individual babysitters rather than the service as a whole.

Hopefully, this will provide you with a general idea of the reviews that these major babysitter service sites have and how you can find them.   Again, they shouldn’t be your only factor in determining which service you should go with, but you still shouldn’t overlook them.

How Does Each Babysitting Site Work?

Each babysitter service site, in its most basic form, offers the same kind of help for either becoming a babysitter or looking for one to watch after your kids. The purpose of general care sites are to provide services related to child care, senior care, pet care, and sometimes, even tutoring. In order for these sites to accomplish this, there is a specific process that one must follow in order to get what they want from the site.

However, you should only go through with this once you have selected the babysitting site that you want to use. If you are still unsure of the site that you’re going to go with, hopefully this article will assist in your decision by providing you with information on how each site goes about accepting babysitter requests for a job and family or parent requests for a service.

Most of the sites show this information via a ‘How it Works’ tab, or a similar name to that same effect. The information is also fairly simple and straightforward, but the sites also differ from one another in different ways. We’ll compare and contrast the different ‘how it works’ section for each site.

  • offers instructions on how to use the site for two types of people: those who are looking for a caregiver job and those who are seeking to hire a caregiver.
  • When looking for a caregiver or a babysitting job, you have to sign up to create an account, followed by putting together your profile where you outline your job history, talents, and skills, and a photograph of you. You can then search for babysitting jobs and apply to them. Hopefully, you’ll hear back from a few and be requested to an online or an in-person interview. Once you’re hired, all fulfilled jobs will be paid to you via
  • If you’re seeking to hire a caregiver, you also have to first sign up on to register your personal account. From this, you can create your care giving job, and you should get many caregivers sending you their job applications. You can then review each of the job applicants, and even request a background check on selected ones for a small fee. Once you have narrowed down your list of candidates, you can request an interview that will be conducted online. Soon enough, you should have a babysitter ready to go! All payments will be made through

Find a

  • Find a wants to make sure that parents and families can find solutions for childcare even during their busy schedule. However, Find a is not an agency, so they can’t meet with every babysitter that registers with the site. However, they do have a simple step process for how you can ensure that you get the right babysitter for your children.
  • As soon as you have signed up to register with Find a, you can post one job for free. The job will have to be approved by the site; most jobs are within twenty four hours. There are also specific rules and guidelines that you’ll have to follow when creating your job posting; keep in mind that professionals will be applying, so be professional in your job description. If you would like assistance in writing a professional job description, Find a offers a simple tutorial on how to do so.
  • Once you have your job posted, all you have to do is sit back and wait for candidates to apply. You can only posted a single job if you are registered as an individual, but if you choose to register as an agency, you can post several jobs to get as many babysitters for your agency as you need.

Phone a

  • Phone a is definitely one of the most economical ways of getting into contact with babysitters; you can purchase a lifetime membership with Phone a for only thirty dollars, and subsequently be granted access to their entire list of available babysitters.
  • Once you have signed up and registered with Phone a, you can proceed to search the database for all babysitters who live within a twenty mile radius of your zip code. You then send out e-mails to all of the babysitters in this area, informing them that you are willing to hire one of them to watch over your children. All babysitters who sign up with Phone a offer between one to ten hours of babysitting time for free, another huge cost saver.
  • A major downside to Phone a is that it does not offer a background check system for its babysitters, so you’ll have to go on at your own discretion. Hundreds of babysitters can still be found. Following e-mailing the babysitters, you can speak with them over the phone or even interview the ones you are most interested in person. After that, it’s up to you to decide which babysitter you’ll want to go with.

Great Au

  • Setting up a babysitting job on Great Au is very easy. You simply have to register with the site, in which you enter what country you are from and your zip code, followed by a designated mile radius within which you can hire babysitters (ex. 20 mile radius, 35 mile radius, etc). You’ll then have to enter general information about yourself, such as your ethnicity, language, religion, and then what kind of qualities you look for in a babysitter (past experience, willingness to work with children who have special needs, etc.
  • The excellent thing about Great Au is that you can narrow down exactly to what kind of babysitter you need. For example, let’s say that you have a child with a special need or a disability. Many of the candidate babysitters who would otherwise apply would no doubt be very good babysitters with a willingness to work with those kinds of children, but they just may not have the experience and the knowledge to do so. With Great Au, you can ensure that you don’t only get a babysitter who is willing to work with those children, but who has experience in working with them as well.


  • To search for babysitters on Nanny, you’ll begin by signing up with the site and filling out all of the usual information. This will give you full access to all of the babysitter profiles; you should find dozens if not hundreds of babysitters in your area. You can choose to either contact these babysitters directly, or you can post jobs and wait for their applications to come to you. One of the neat features about Nanny, that stands out among other babysitting service sites, is that you can run background checks and look for references on all babysitters.
  • Nanny ensures that safety is their number one priority, so you’ll be comfortable in knowing that you’re hiring a good and safe babysitter for your children. No babysitter can register with Nanny before being reviewed very carefully and confirmed. This includes having each babysitter pass a Nanny Basic Skills Exam from the International Nanny Association. Nanny also offers four different kinds of background checks on its babysitters. Last but not least, all contact between you and the babysitters on the site will be kept one hundred percent private from other individuals.

  • com has a very simple set up as to how you can find babysitters. Once you have signed up and filled in your personal information, you’ll immediately receive access to all of the babysitters on the site without having to wait for confirmation from the site. You can then enter your zip code and preview all of the babysitters looking for jobs in your area; you can either contact them directly, or you can post a job where you explain what you need, your kind of children, and what hours you will need a babysitter to work. They can then send in their applications to you directly. As a safety precaution, also offers references online and thorough background checks on all of its babysitters.

  • Once you have signed up with, you will then go about creating a shortlist of babysitters for your family’s needs. You can either search for local babysitters or create a job posting where the babysitters will go directly to you. Be sure that you carefully review their educations, certifications, requested wage, experience, and hours available to work. offers background checks on all babysitters, but they are not automatically run. Instead, suggests that you request background checks on your shortlist of selected babysitters. The background check will screen court databases to find if their names show up. If a name does show up, the babysitter will be removed from the website immediately. If not, than the babysitter should be good to go! At that point, it’s up to you to select which babysitter you want from your shortlist, and set them up for a meeting with your children.

Getting to Know the Babysitter

For any babysitter service website, you’ll start with a long list of babysitters within a designated mile radius of your home. For most of these websites, you’ll enter in either your zip code or your address, followed by how many miles you would like the babysitters to be in. This will give you a list of potential babysitters in your area. You may only have two or three babysitters in your local area, or you may have as many as ten or fifteen, if not more.

When it comes down to it, you’ll want to speak with these babysitters in a one-on-one conversation, and in person if you can. Granted, many of these babysitting websites will have a background check system already in place as a safety precaution, and will also have a system where the babysitters will have to pass some sort of nanny test. Each babysitter will then be verified by the site, and you’ll be able to see all of the babysitter’s credentials, education, past experience, skills, hourly rate, and time available to work on their profiles as well.

Here, we’ll explore the different options these sites have for speaking with the individual babysitters, and also learning about their credentials, skills, experience and other information via the babysitter profiles.

  • On, you’ll find many different babysitters of varying ages. If you click on the profile of the individual babysitter, you’ll find a lot of information. For example, you’ll see a picture of the babysitter, their age, number of years of experience, their hourly rate, and whether they can work for part time or full time. Following this, you’ll find a written statement made by the babysitter that is no more than a few paragraphs long. This statement is where the babysitter explains who they are, a little bit about themselves outside of the babysitting world, and then their experience with babysitting, why they are passionate about it, and why they will be a good fit for your children.
  • Lastly, you’ll find different details about the babysitter such as whether or not they have transportation, how far they will travel, if they are comfortable being a pet babysitter as well, if they are qualified to be a special needs babysitter, if they are CPR certified, and so on and so forth. All of this is excellent information, and you can view a complete profile of the babysitter if you sign up and register with Once you register, you’ll also be given some contact information where you’ll be given the opportunity to speak with the babysitter one on one.

Find a

  • Find a has an even more complete babysitter profile than On Find a, for each babysitter profile, you’ll find very similar things to what you saw on the name and picture of the babysitter, their age, how much experience they have, a brief statement made by the babysitter where they explain who they are and what skills they have, their hourly rate, basic time available to work, and so on.
  • But Find a takes it a step forward by going more specific with its profiles. For example, at the bottom of a babysitter’s profile page, you’ll find a chart that shows specifically when a babysitter is available on specific days or times – even whether or not they’re available to be an overnight babysitter. The chart shows all seven days, with the labels Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Overnight, and Urgent all displayed beneath each day. The labels that are highlighted are the ones that the babysitter is available on, so you can easily see if this babysitter’s time schedule will work for you instead of having to ask them about it.
  • You’ll also find a summary table that displays the last login of the babysitter, if they are available to work immediately, the number of references they have, what languages they speak in, if they are background check certified by the site, and if they can attend to special needs children.

Phone a

  • Phone a offers a simple system where you type in your zip code number, and the number of babysitters within a fifteen mile radius will be revealed. Unfortunately, the babysitter profile system in Phone a is not as impressive as the other babysitter service sites we’ve seen so far. You’ll then be given the standard information on each babysitter such as where they live, their age, what times they can work, and their hourly rate. Unfortunately, there are no pictures to show the babysitters, so you’ll have no visual representation of who exactly you are hiring to watch over your children. In addition, you will find no referral information about the babysitter, nor is there a background check confirmation on the babysitter…that is to say, because Phone a does not appear to offer a background check system on its babysitters.

Great Au

  • Great Au offers a very complete profile on all of its babysitters. While some babysitters have chosen not to show a profile picture of themselves, most babysitters do.
  • You’ll find all of the standard information about the babysitter on Great Au, such as the babysitter’s name, age, nationality, and qualifications like education, years of experience, if they are CPR certified, if they can swim, and so on.
  • Down the list, there is a babysitter experience profile where the babysitter outlines all of their paid experiences (ex. Teen care, twins care, babysitting children with special needs, running errands, cooking, etc). Just like the specific table for times available that we saw on Find a, Great Au goes a step forward by not only including a very similar table to show what specific times on what specific days the babysitter is available, but the table also shows whether the babysitter can work part time or full time, what time of the year they are available on, and if they can work on short notice.
  • Last but not least, you can also learn some about the lifestyle of the babysitter as well, such as if they have any tattoos, piercings, if they smoke or drink, what condition their health is in, if they have any pets, etc.


  • As we have discussed previously, Nanny takes great steps forward in terms of safety precautions for their babysitters. Each babysitter who is registered on the site is required to pass a nanny test, the International Nanny Association Nanny Basic Skills Exam, and also has to pass four different kinds of background checks. In addition, all messages that you send directly to a babysitter on the site is kept completely private between you and the babysitter. Hopefully, all of this will comfort you in knowing that you already are hiring from a safe babysitter without having to find that out during an interview.
  • The profiles on Nanny are very similar to the other profiles that we have discussed. Babysitters will submit to you their references and resumes, and the site has it very easily set up for you to schedule an interview with a babysitter, whether the interview be in person or conducted online. The only restriction that Nanny puts on this is that you must interview at least three babysitters before making your final selection, in order to ensure that more than one babysitters on the site are given a shot at getting a babysitting job.

  • has a very complete babysitter profile where you can find all of the information you need to about the babysitters. The beginning of the profile shows you the name of the babysitter, their age, location, level of education, spoken languages, and whether they smoke or not. If you would like to see their contact information, references, and so forth, you have to sign up and register with the site.
  • All of the experiences and certifications of the babysitter are also listed out (ex. Ten years of experience working with toddlers, two years of experience working with special needs children, etc). The babysitter will also mention what specific types of children they are willing to work with, such as children with behavioral issues, children with special, needs, and so on. This is followed by a personal statement made by the babysitter where they explain who they are, if they have children of their own, and if they currently have any other babysitting jobs.
  • The profile is complete with a table where the babysitter checkmarks what specific hours they are available to work on each day.

  • It can be a challenge to find the right babysitter for you, but ensures that you find a babysitter that fits for your family. One of the neatest things about is that when you search for babysitters, you search for ones with qualifications that you want. For example, if your qualifications for a babysitter are that they have to have CPR certification and who can work with newborns, then you can checkmark those qualifications right off the bat when you search to narrow down your list substantially. On the actual profiles, you’ll find complete profiles where you can see if the babysitter has passed a background check, how many years of experience they have, if they are available on an urgent basis, and what services they can simultaneously perform while babysitting (cooking, cleaning, etc).

What Useful Information is Unique to Each Babysitting Site?

Most babysitting sights are generally very similar in what they offer; they are a chance for families and babysitters, among other caregivers, to come together. Babysitters seek good job opportunities doing what they love, and families seek out experienced and passionate babysitters who they can trust to look after their kids while they are away.

However, each babysitting service website still differs from one another in at least some way. Each one of them has at least some information that is unique to that particular site. If you’re currently undecided on which babysitting website service that you’re going to go with, maybe this information will help to tip the scales so that you can make your final decision.

Granted, that is not to say that this information should be your only factor in making your decision. Nonetheless, it should still definitely be at least one that you consider:

  • One of the best features about is that you don’t have to be an individual looking for a babysitter; you can be a business. That’s right, with, you could start your entire babysitting business or organization if you wanted to. The only different step that doing so would require is signing up as a business rather than as an individual. Growing your own business on has several advantages, but only if you’re willing to commit the time, money and effort to it: it will dramatically increase your presence on the web to levels that you never thought you could reach. It will also allow you to connect with families who only feel comfortable hiring babysitters from businesses and not individually.
  • If you elect to go with starting a babysitting business through, you would go about the rest of the steps as you normally would have as an individual, only you would hire a greater number of babysitters. Just like a real business would, you would treat these babysitters as employees, and thus give them employee benefits. All of this can be handled through Offering your new employees benefits will also increase their engagement in your business and lead to a greater work performance, thus increasing your own business’s reputation as well.

Find a

  • The neatest thing that’s unique to Find a is that they offer two kinds of general care courses: a Pediatric First Aid course, and a Maternity Practitioners Course. As the places in both courses are limited, you’ll want to book your place in them as soon as possible. The spaces available are allocated based on a first come, first serve basis. You can search for dates available for the courses on the website.
  • The first course, Pediatric First Aid, will go over first aid and other medical techniques for au pairs, nannies, nurses, parents and babysitters. Anyone who completes the course will be given a First Aid booklet and a certificate that is valid for up to three years.
  • The second course, Maternity Practitioners, covers all of the information that is needed for a maternity nurse or practitioner. Anyone who takes this course will walk out with an understanding of serving as a caregiver for a mother and her newborn baby. Information covered includes what needs to be done when the newborn is taking home, normal breastfeeding and bottle feeding patterns, how to establish sleeping routines for the baby, and how to keep him or her in a safe, and hygienic environment to ensure that the infant’s health is well taken care of. Other things that the course will cover include how to care for multiple births, newborns who are born prematurely, and how a mother should recover following the pregnancy. As a general outline, the course will cover in order: an introduction to newborn care; breast and bottle feeding skills; effective sleeping routine skills; newborn health; caring for a premature newborn and/or multiple births; and caring for a mother following the birth.

Phone a

  • Phone a does not offer as much unique pieces of information compared to the other babysitting sites on this list. The site does offer a frequently asked questions page that can help someone clear up any misconceptions or uncertainties of the site that someone may have. While it’s not exactly a critical piece of information, there is also a sitemap available that makes it easy to navigate around the site, such as to customer service, the latest babysitting news, a parent and babysitter section, and a testimonials page.

Great Au

  • One of the best features about Great Au is its safety rules. The site offers excellent background checks through the Parent Editorial Team that carefully screens every single babysitter profile that is either created or modified every single day. The site also uses a 30-point anti-fraud system that can instantly identify and remove any scammers who comes to the site. The site also has strong privacy settings, particularly through its e-mail system that means no one can see your e-mail unless if you allow it.
  • Great Au also features an advanced child care search system that makes it very easy to find the right babysitter for you. You can choose between a true babysitter, or a nanny, a tutor, an au pair, or a personal assistant. You can keep track of your short list using an Auto-Respond feature in the Hot List. But not only does this system allow you to keep track of your list of candidates on the short list, you can also take and save notes on them. Or, maybe you used a babysitter who you liked very much a few years ago for one child and now want that same babysitter for your next child. But if you can’t find them in your personal contact information; that’s okay. Great Au records your previous messages and babysitting contacts online, so it’s easy to find.
  • The last neat feature with Great Au, is that it provides some questions you can ask in a personal, one-on-one interview with a babysitter. As you may not know what the right questions are to ask a babysitter when meeting with one for the first time, Great Au offers great assistance for you.

  • As we have already discussed, one of the prime features of is its intense and passionate devotion to ensuring that it is a very safe site for parents to find babysitters for their children. This means that the site is very pro-running screening tests on all of the babysitters who register on the site, to make sure that they are legitimate and don’t have a bad history that could have a negative impact on children. The Nanny Basic Skills Exam is also required to be taken by all babysitters who register with the site; it’s a forty-question, multiple-choice exam taken online. All background checks are also performed by Acxiom, who is a world leader when it comes to background check services.
  • Lastly, offers a true impressive array of tutorials for both parents and babysitters. Examples of tutorials for parents include interview tips, salaries and bonuses, hiring a summer nanny, and the dos and don’ts of hiring a babysitter. Example of tutorials for babysitters include dealing with children who are picky eaters, nine babysitting tips, how to respond to a job posting, and cooking and baking with children.

  • While additional, unique information that you won’t find at other babysitting sites may not be in as great abundance at, there are still some things worth mentioning. These are tutorials and advice columns similar to the ones on that are meant for parents and babysitters. For parents, the tutorials include advice on how to find the right babysitter for your special needs child, the responsibilities a family must have when hiring a babysitter, how to find a summer babysitter, and how much you should pay a babysitter.
  • For babysitters, offers advice on how to interview for a babysitting job, the responsibilities a babysitter needs to take when watching after someone else’s children, summer babysitting jobs, temporary babysitting jobs, and how to babysit children who have special needs.

  • There are a number of unique pieces of information on that you may not find on other babysitting service sites. The first is that is dedicated to helping military families, and as a result, the Department of Defense has agreed to pay for the membership of any military families who choose to find a babysitter via the site. also offers a mobile version of their site, so you can post a babysitting job, review applications, and even interview sitters online while you’re away from your computer at home. Lastly, the site has also teamed up with the American Red Cross, and many of the babysitters on the site have taken the Red Cross’s Advanced Child Training Course, which covers things such as first aid to children and babies, CPR, and ensuring safety in the home.

A Final Overview of the Babysitting Service Sites

The overwhelming majority of babysitting service websites across the country are filled with information about how their sites run, how you can search for references and testimonials from previous customers, how you can sign up, a list of the profiles of all the available babysitters in your local area, and even tutorials and advice columns in relation to babysitting for both parents/families and babysitters.

When you look for information for each babysitting service site, you’ll also want to look for unique information specific to that site that may set it apart from the rest, as we’ve discussed in the previous section. But there may also be information on a babysitting service site that isn’t available, but that you would want to look for either in other places online, through the babysitter, or through another babysitting service site.

Right here, we’ll go through all seven of the babysitting service articles that we have discussed so far, and talk about what useful information should be there but isn’t. Some of these sites offer a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any confusions or uncertainties that a visitor of the site may have, but not even these pages answer all of the real questions. However, just because some information is missing on these sites doesn’t make them bad sites at all.

Keeping all other information that we’ve discussed so far, we’ll talk about some information that we think should have been presented on these babysitting sites, and then finish with a final evaluation of the site as a whole.

  • is a very thorough and popular babysitting service site. It has received very positive reviews from publishers across the board, and with good reason. It covers everything from babysitting to date nights to pet care to senior care and even to housekeeping. It’s an excellent site for families and babysitters to connect, and it’s also an excellent place for babysitting businesses to connect with babysitters and run their business from as well.
  • If there is one area where is lacking in comparison to a few other babysitting service sites, it’s in tutorials to teach babysitters and parents alike their responsibilities, how to conduct an interview, how to help children with special needs, etc.
  • All in all though, is very simply set up, easy to use, and is one of the largest babysitting service sites currently available on the internet. Whether you’re a babysitter looking for a work or a parent in need of someone you can trust to watch after your children, is a surefire way to go. There are few other babysitting websites that can match it for its professionalism and its commitment to ensuring that children are being well looked after while the parents are away.

Find a

  • Find a is a very complete babysitting service website that offers clear instructions on how to post a babysitting job or to apply for one, childcare courses and tutorials on responsibilities for the parents and babysitters over children, many different childcare types, and even a blog. The site is owned in the United Kingdom, however.
  • All in all, there’s little that can be said against Find a

Phone a

  • All in all, Phone a lags behind its competitors. The site is not as visually appealing, but beyond the looks, there’s some concerns when it comes to the actual site. Lifetime membership to the site is definitely cheap, but there are no profile pictures of the actual babysitters at all, so you won’t exactly know who you’re trusting your children with until you meet them in person. There’s also no background checks that can be found that the site conducts on each of its babysitters, which understandably would be a major concern to some parents and families. There’s also not as many babysitters registered with the site when compared to other babysitting sites. Even for some of the major cities, no more than a hundred babysitters will be available for babysitting at any one time. It’s also difficult to narrow down your short list via the site; this will have to be accomplished on a document of some kind on your own.
  • That being said, there are some positives about the site. The site map is particularly useful as it makes it easy to navigate around the site. Despite the typically lower number of babysitters who are available, it is very easy to find babysitters in your area: you simply type in your zip code, and a list of babysitters within a general radius comes up. Parents and babysitters alike can also join up with the site for free, but if you would like to register further for lifetime membership, it only cost $29.95. That’s a price that cannot be beat by the other competitors.
  • All in all, Phone a may not be up to the standards of the other babysitting service sites, but if you look hard enough, there’s still a few things to like about the site. That alone should make it worth a quick glance.

Great Au

  • Great Au is yet another excellent babysitting service website. The site offers everything from Au Pairs to nannies to babysitters to housekeepers to pet sitters to senior care and even to personal assistants. If there’s anything that Great Au is slightly lacking in, it’s in tutorials and other articles that offer advice and suggestions on things such conducting interviews, applying to jobs, posting jobs, hiring babysitters, taking care of children, etc.
  • Great Au does, however, offer free background checks on all babysitters who are registered with the site, presents customer reviews of babysitters for all to see. The site makes it very easy for one to narrow down a list of potential candidates for babysitting, and then interview them. If you’re looking for a babysitter or anyone who can provide some sort of child support, Great Au should definitely be high on your list of babysitting service sites to consider.

  • As we have discussed numerous times, the best feature about is its devotion to safety by running all of their babysitters through four different kinds of the best background checks available, and ensuring that their babysitters also pass a forty question exam. As far as the actual site is concerned, does not offer some of the features of other babysitting service sites, such as tutorials and advice on how to care for children, for applying for jobs, and posting jobs. Beyond that, does offer clear advice on how to use the site for both parents and babysitters, and is very simply set up, allowing for easy navigation. All in all, this is a babysitting site worth taking a look at.

  • is a very complete babysitting service website with an excellent ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section and tutorials and advice articles for both babysitters and parents. The site is very clear and to the point, allowing babysitters to easily and set up their profiles, and parents to easily sign up and post a job, even if it’s urgent. Last but not least, the site also has an excellent testimonials page that is easy to access and read reviews on the site.

Perhaps the most professional looking site out of the bunch is The site offers a mobile app, links to babysitters of the major cities in the United States, and links to various special care people such as babysitters, nannies, pet care, and special needs children. The log in page is right in the middle of the screen, for babysitters and parents alike, and there are also links to those with military families or who have elderly individuals in their family. is a babysitting service website that you definitely should not overlook. Give it a shot and see what you think.

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