We will take a look at some of the top selling video baby monitors on the market while also learning more about what consumers had to say regarding each model’s performance, pricing and features. Consumers have rated each model on a scale of one to five stars, with the ratings based on price, ease of use and setup, features, range capabilities and performance.

The ability to visually check on your infant by using a video baby monitor is a great asset and it provides relief from anxiety in a number of cases. Using a video baby monitor can also save you from having to get out of bed altogether. Once you have used a video monitor you’ll find yourself hooked on how easy and relieving it is to be able to keep an eye on your infant throughout the night, without having them in your bed.

Sleep deprivation is common among parents of newborns.  Baby monitors allow parents to check in on their infant and determine whether or not attention is really needed.  Sound monitoring is going to be what awakens you, which makes it the most crucial feature for infant monitoring.  Using sound only baby monitors will mean that you’ll have to determine if you need to check on your baby or not and often, poking your head in your child’s room is enough to wake them. A video model can be worth the higher price tag because it will allow you and your child to get more sleep.

There are a few main types of video monitors: dedicated video monitors, iPhone video monitors and iPhone WiFi video monitors. Dedicated video monitors are the most common type and they work similar to a walkie talkie device. For this type of system you’ll place the camera in the baby’s room and watch and listen using a portable receiver. The iPhone video monitor is a style that relies on two IOS devices. One device will function as the receiver and the other IOS device will function as the camera. This kind of option can be a great solution in a hurry; however they aren’t very reliable so we do not recommend them for everyday use. iPhone WiFi digital monitor will utilize a WiFi security cam as a base station and your iPhone. This is considered a more complex type of setup but it can uniquely allow you to watch your infant from anywhere in the world. This isn’t considered a practical solution for everyday use.

When shopping around for a monitor, the first thing you need to consider is range capabilities. Make sure the model your purchase will work well in your home and yard and look for the range limits listed on the packaging. Typically, most models will offer 400 to 650 feet.

Even though you will mainly focus on a system’s display screen and image clarity, keep in mind that sound monitoring capabilities are crucial for everyday use. It’s the sound that will alert you to the needs of your baby and because of this sound clarity is very important.

Next, you’ll need to take a look at the image quality. A bigger display screen does not always mean that you’ll have a clearer view of your child. Choose a model that features infrared technology, which will allow you to view you child during the day or night. The ability to view your baby at night is more important than daytime viewing.

Obviously, price will also be a major factor and you’ll need to find a device that fits your budget. Keep in mind that the cost is definitely worth it in order to have peace of mind during the night and it’ll also allow you to catch more Zs.

Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor Review

The Motorola MBP36 baby video monitor offers some impressive features, which makes it our top selling model.  This system features excellent range capabilities when compared to other systems on the market. With range capabilities of 650 feet you’ll be able to work outdoors or in the garage and still be able to view your sleeping child. Also included is a built-in temperature monitor, five lullabies and the ability to take photos. You can also purchase additional handheld devices and cameras if you have more than one child or you need to monitor activity in more than one room.

Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor Review: Performance and Features

The Motorola MBP36 baby video monitor offers some great features.  The first thing you may notice about this product is the fact that this model offers a much more impressive range when compared to other models of video baby monitors on the market. This review on the MBP36 will discuss this model’s range capabilities, features, pricing and overall performance, while also taking a look at how it rated with consumers.

When it comes to range capabilities, this baby monitor allows you to use the handheld monitor up to 650 feet away from the camera and it still provides a crystal clear image.  This allows you to go about your day taking care of chores while still keeping an eye on your little one during naptime.

More often, baby monitors are being designed with built in temperature monitors and this feature is included in the MBP36. The temp in your child’s room can easily become too hot or cold, so this is a nice feature to have. Also included are five songs that are programmed into the system, allowing the baby to relax right before bed.

What Consumers Loved about this Motorola Baby Monitor

As an added bonus, you’re also able to take photos with this unit. This feature is not essential to the quality of this device, however, it’s a great way to capture tender moments when you just don’t have the time to run for a camera and snag a shot of your child peacefully sleeping. A more essential feature is the data encryption that’s offered. This means that nothing you say will be broadcasted, so you won’t have to worry about your private conversations being transmitted all over the neighborhood.

The camera portion of this device is much more adjustable than you can expect with most baby monitors. You can adjust the camera and zoom, and pan and tilt features even when you aren’t in the room.

Consumers loved that they were able to expand the system to include up to two parent units and four cameras.  This is ideal if you have more than one child because you can place a camera in each of their bedrooms or in their playroom or other high traffic areas.

The video screen measures in at just over three and a half inches and it’s the largest that Motorola has to offer.

Should you wander out of range with the handheld, an alarm will alert you. This way you’ll never be uncertain about how far you’re able to travel away from the camera.

How the MBP36 Rated with Consumers

Equipped with a 900 MHz antennae, it will be difficult for this device to miss a single sound your child makes. The manufacturer also puts a lot of effort into data encryption, so you’ll know that your conversations won’t be transmitted to passing truck drivers or anyone else. Consumers gave this model a five out of five star rating, making it our top rated video baby monitor. Currently, this model is priced as $228.63.

Snuza Trio plus Baby Monitor System Review

The Snuza trio plus baby monitor system consists of three components: the handheld listening device, camera and the hero monitor. The hero monitor will keep track of your baby’s breathing and will alert you when there is a disruption in their pattern. This feature provides new parents with reassurance that their little one is sleeping safely and soundly. The camera offers tilt, pan and zoom features which means you won’t have to enter the room to make adjustments to the camera, should your baby move out of view.

Snuza Trio plus Baby Monitor System Review: Standout Features and Product Overview

The Suza trio plus baby monitor system offers users excellent image quality with a display screen that measures in at just over three inches and clear infrared imaging in dark conditions. This easy to use video baby monitor will allow you to keep a close eye on your infant while you go about your daily routine.

This baby monitor package comes with an impressive video camera monitoring unit and a baby breathing monitor, referred to as the Hero monitor.

Obviously one of the most important features for any model of baby monitor is the quality and size and the resulting images displayed. Consumers gave this model an excellent rating for both night and daytime viewing.

If you have more than one child in the same room you’ll be able to keep an eye on both of them thanks to the camera’s ability to move around the room using the remote operate tilt and pan function. This also means that you can use the monitor with toddlers when you leave them to play in their playpen.

The tilt and pan feature is operated by simply using the arrow control pad, which allows you to adjust the camera so that your child is always in view of the camera.

How this Snuza Baby Monitor Stands Out from the Competition

Many of the lower quality models will only allow the parent to hear sounds coming from the infant’s room. This particular model not only allows you to see and hear your child but you will also be able to speak into the handheld device and soothe your child, without having to go into the room.

The Snuza trio also displays the room temperature in your little ones room and the unit will alert you if the room is too hot or cold. While you can always purchase a room temperature monitor separately, it’s nice to have this feature built into the baby monitor system as opposed to having to purchase an additional device.

The manufacturer boasts a transmission distance of three-hundred meters, which is impressive. This system allows you to use up to four cameras, which is ideal for bigger families.

The Hero monitor is not a medical device and is not intended to be used in place of one prescribed by a physician. The Hero monitor is a device that will provide the user with an early warning alert when there might be an issue with your infant’s breathing and movement.

How Consumers Rated this Snuza Baby Monitor System

Consumers gave this model a four out of five star rating, for pricing, ease of use and the innovative Hero monitoring component. Easy to use and setup, this system is perfect for a growing family on a budget.  Currently, this model is priced at $289.99.

Summer Infant Touch screen Digital Review

The Summer infant touch screen video monitoring system allows you to use multiple cameras and handheld devices if you have a larger family or you need to monitor activity in more than one room. Equipped with a 3.5 inch LCD display screen, this model provides clear viewing during the day and night, thanks to infrared technology.

If you have an infant who is prone to moving frequently during sleep then they can easily roll out of view of the camera and you’ll be left watching a blank screen. This isn’t the case with the Summer Infant touch screen digital video camera system. The ability to tilt, pan and zoom with this Summer baby monitor will allow you to keep an eye on your child while they’re sleeping, without having to sneak in the room and readjust the camera, should they roll out of sight.

Summer Infant Touch Screen Digital Video Baby Monitor Review: Performance and Features

The video and audio scan mode is ideal for multi-room monitoring. If you want to monitor more than one room then the ability to scroll through different cameras is a must have. This model has also overcome shortfalls of other camera systems that offer multiple viewing. If you lock off on one of the cameras or decide to turn off the video function, most other models on the market will continue to monitor the sound in one room only, for the last used camera, however, this isn’t the case for this device. The Summer baby monitoring system will continue to scan for sound through all of the connected cameras, which ensures that all rooms continue to be constantly monitored.

What this Summer Baby Monitor has to Offer

The size of the touch screen is the same size offered on most video monitors: 3.5 inches. The LCD screen will provide a large color image during both night and day and you’ll also be able to see black and white images thanks to the infrared night vision capability. This means that you’ll be able to see what your child is doing at all hours of the day and night. Another nice feature is the placement of the on and off button. This is set apart from the system’s other operational buttons which are found on top of the unit. This makes it very easy to use in the dark, without the need to switch on a light. Also included is a handy belt clip, making it easier for you to carry around the house.

This is the first baby monitor to incorporate and use the touch screen technology. However, keep in mind that the touch screen feature is pretty basic when compared to the type of touch screen technology you’ll find on a smart phone. Regardless, you’ll be able to zoom, tilt and pan the camera with ease, simply by touching the arrows located on the display screen.

You can also use the monitor’s menu system in order to scroll between different cameras, adjust the brightness and activate the system’s scan mode.

How the Summer Baby Monitor System Rated with Consumers

This model transmits a reliable, solid signal, which has a low drop rate. However, as far as baby monitors go, the four-hundred feet transmission range isn’t considered very impressive, especially when you compare it to other models on the market that are able to reach six-hundred feet and beyond.  Consumers gave this system a four out of five star rating. This product would have scored higher if it offered more impressive range capabilities.  Currently this system is priced at $219.99.

More About Video Baby Monitors

When baby monitors first hit the market, they were considered to be an essential safety item in every home. People felt comfortable that their baby was safe when they were in the other room. They needed to know when the baby was crying so that they could take care of the child without having to stay right next to them. It seems simple now, but it was a huge technological advancement.

Before, you had to listen for the sound of the child crying and stay near enough to hear. It made it difficult to leave the room and you certainly couldn’t go downstairs very easily without having to rush back in to check on them.

Nowadays, baby monitors are facing huge technological advancements. With digital technology, the possibilities have become endless. It used to be that a baby monitor was a serious hassle.

No More Hassles

There was always the cliche of having to go and check on the baby every few minutes and keep having to rush up and down the stairs and into the other room. You had to go and see about every single little noise so that you could be sure that the baby was safe. You could never really tell what was going on. So it increased your worry as a new parent and made things a lot worse. The worst part was that all you got was audio input and output so that when you heard something you could get all worked up over nothing. But now, baby monitors are facing a serious revolution.

Instead of just audio, baby monitors also come with a camera face so that you can see what is going on in the room without having to go in there. It makes things a lot easier so that you don’t have to rush in every time you hear something. A baby video monitor vs audio baby monitor means having the security that your video baby monitor safely helps you watch over your child without the worry about what is going on.

The Future of Child Care

The little things really count. Something as simple as an app that you have on your phone makes all the difference when it comes to your child’s safety. It used to be that you’d have to carry around this bulky piece of machinery everywhere you went so that when you used a baby monitor you’d have to move it around everywhere and set it with you. Now, you can watch your baby from your phone and get alerts when the noise in the room reaches a certain level.

Video baby monitors that work with iPhone are like a crystal ball that you can carry in your pocket. Remote viewing gives you a little bit peace of mind. We’ve gone from the luxury of having a wireless baby monitors that work with Android and video baby monitors that work with Motorola phones so that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to know that your child is safe.

Baby video monitor’s consumer reports are showing some astounding reviews. They say that parents are able to get a bit more peace of mind from these devices that they never thought they could get before. You won’t have to really be there when your child is sleeping which means that you can go about your business and get things done which makes all of the difference when you are a new parent overwhelmed by all of the hassle of dealing with a newborn child. Really, you can’t afford to not check out video baby monitors. Safe child care is going to be your number one concern. It’s an investment in the most important thing in life.

The variety and capability of video monitors is absolutely endless. Human resourcefulness is an amazing thing. You want your child to be safe and that is an amazing thing to wonder about but the devices don’t just offer safety. Imagine having a video phone next to your child’s bed so that you can say good night to them when you are gone. Imagine being able to read a story to them when you are halfway across the world. There’s a virtual peek a boo and the ability to offer your infant all the capability of digital technology at your fingertips remotely.

Baby Monitors Fosters A Deeper Relationship Between Parent and Child

These devices don’t just let you watch your child, they let them watch you and connect with you. That means that you can have a closer relationship from the time that they are an infant without having to worry about actually being there to do it. For parents with a job that makes them travel, this is a serious luxury that they could never have before. An absent parent was once a traumatizing thing to an infant. So having a mobile device connected to a baby monitor is a miraculous solution to a difficult problem.

Finding the Right Peace of Mind

You’d think that video baby monitors are a specialty product. The standard audio monitors have been such a staple for such a long time that an advancement on such a piece of technology might take a long time to really hit the market. But this is such a valuable commodity. Parents feel such a strong bond with their child and need them to be safe. It’s one of the most important things in a person’s life. So it makes sense that people would really go for this quickly. That means that there is already a vast variety of video baby monitors out there.

Video baby monitor reviews in 2015 show a vast array of products as well as qualities. You need to find the right one. This device is going to be attached to your child’s wellbeing so you’re going to want to really take it seriously. That means you need to do a lot of research about what product is right for you. There are video baby monitors that work with your cell phone. They can stream things online so that you can watch your baby when you are gone. They come in all sorts of varieties. It’s really about what fits your lifestyle.

If you are away from home a lot, you are going to want something that allows you to see your child when they are gone. That way, you’re going to want something that allows you to see your child when they are gone. That way, you can also interact with them and show them the love and adoration they deserve. It’s really a valuable thing. It used to be that an absent parent from the home left the child alienated and hurt. It’s revolutionary. Now, when you are away they can still get the love and attention they deserve and ensure the safety of your infant. Leaving the home has always been a serious concern for new parents. It relieves one of the biggest anxieties that new parents have.

Another one of the biggest concerns parents have when they first have a child id finances. Adding another person into your house is serious enough. But when you have to foot the bill for everything they need. It’s like you have to double your income right away in order to just stay afloat. That’s carrying the world on your shoulders. You’re going to have to really think about expenses in a way that you’ve never had before. The reality of it can be overwhelming. That means seriously watching the cost of things that you buy for your child. That is why it’s so important to take cost into consideration when you are choosing video baby monitors. Cheap baby monitors are out there. You just have to find the right place to get them.

There are a number of possibilities to consider when you are choosing where to buy a monitor. You need to know that you are getting the right quality at the right place. Electronics never really seem to have a happy medium. Either they work or they don’t work. They either break easily or they stay together. Modern technology especially seems to have this serious issue. What is most important is that you know sources of electronics in general.

When buying a video baby monitor, Amazon is a good source. They seem to have the largest variety of products because it’s such a popular place to buy and sell things. They are an international marketplace for almost everything that you can think of. That means that basically anything you want is there and that the prices come in such a large variety too. With Amazon, you can really do your research on your video baby monitors. Reviews are really a consumer’s best friend. You don’t have to take the seller’s words for things. You can actually go and see what customers are saying about the produce. That means you know, for sure, your child will have a little more security.

A surprising place to find a good baby video monitor is Walmart. They offer an astounding amount of products and they really are known for their dirt cheap prices. Though they don’t have a lot of the indie brands, or the foreign goods, the bigger brands are really where you’re going to get the quality. There is a lot more information out there about the bigger brands too. That’s more valuable than you think. Glitches are possible. You can find tricks with working with the products and understand some of the problems that might arise. That way, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a lot of wasted money.

Many of the bigger companies also offer customer support so that you don’t have to worry about going at things alone when you are tackling how to use it. You can easily get in touch with someone that can walk you through the interface and any troubleshooting.

You need to know that your baby is secure. Baby monitors are so intrinsically tied your baby’s security that they need to be secure as well. That means that you need to know the dangers that are out there. You need to go about things in such a way that you know that your child is safe. With the introduction of modern technology into your home, there are many new dangers.

Your world is connected to everyone else. Your device will be connected to the internet and all the dangers that come with it. That means the danger of your video baby monitor getting hacked. There nothing worse than worrying about your child being watched by somebody else. Most people don’t realize that hackers are able to tap into a devices camera. That means that a hacker can see what is going on inside of your home and with your child without your permission and there is nothing more unnerving than a virtual peeping tom at your child’s bedside. A video baby monitor with two cameras means that they can actually watch your child remotely as well as what is going on in the room. This means endless dangers and you want to avoid that at all costs.

In order to secure your privacy and the child’s security the devices come with fail safes like firewalls and secure connections so that you know that your child is safe from prying hands. They offer the best security to ensure your peace of mind.

Finding the right device for you can change your child’s life forever. The variety of features out there really make a world of difference. With connectivity to a mobile device, you have the ability to be part of your infant’s life when you are not there. Having a device that can connect to the internet is a serious thin. You can show your child the wonders of modern technology remotely and let then have a window to the outside world that they could never have before.

Devices also offer various types of video quality and features. It’s necessary to be able to turn off the lights and be able to see what is going on in the room so night vision is a must. Then there is a fact that you need to have visual acuity so that you can make out the proper amount of detail to really see what is happening in the room. That means a really reliable measure of security.

A good firewall and a secure connection are also very important. That way, you know that your child is safe from prying eyes without having to worry about who is watching them along with you. That is why it’s so essential that you find the right device.

It seems like the more you think about it, the more valuable this kind of product really is. It’s not just a novelty so that you can watch your child, it’s also a valuable piece of equipment that can change your life. A video baby monitor is really a must in every home. It will make such a positive difference in a child’s life that it is an investment in their future. It’s also something that will ensure your child’s safety and that is the most important thing for a parent. A child is a parent’s world. All their hopes and aspirations go into them and they need to really know that their future is ensured no matter what.

To a child, a parent’s love is their world. It is their happiness, their safety and their wellbeing. These aren’t just a way to watch your child to make sure that they are safe, it’s a way to be a better parent by being connected with your child any time that you want to be. It’s is not right that parents should have to be disconnected with their kids. It’s a serious problem and can cause them trouble the rest of their lives. Infants are like sponges. They need to know that their parents are there for them so they can have mental health and wellbeing later in their lives. So staying connected with your child is the most important thing that you can do. This device won’t just ensure your safety it will ensure your relationship with your child in the future and strengthen the bond that you have with them that is so important to both of you.

So it’s not just a monitor. It’s a window into their lives. There is nothing more valuable than the bond between a parent and their child. This device makes it possible so that you can ensure their future is bright when it comes to matters of security. Make your mind and move together with these great technological advancement that introduces your infant to the world of technology at a tender age. Making your mind to go for baby video monitors is a decision that you will never regret in your life. Every great thing starts with a single step, make your first step today and be part of this device that has actually made infants’ caring to be fun in the long run.

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